Art vs Culture.


To define the two would be rather difficult when you truly think about it..
What is art? What is culture?

To me, when I think about art, I think of all the cliche answers such as it’s a freedom of expression or a way to express your emotions. The thing I love most about art is that artists create things that make you feel something. Whether it may be a painting, sculpture, choreography/movement, photograph or more, it can generate an emotion in you which I find so powerful and amazing. Art simply has no rules or boundaries but instead it’s evoking passion onto a piece and sharing it with the world hoping they too, can feel something.

Culture, simply to me, are beliefs or customs passed down through generations. The world is filled with different customs and it’s interesting to learn new ones. My ethnicity of Asian American embodies customs which my family still follows to this very day. It’s a way of living your life, almost like traditions.