Wk 5: Activity

For the activity this week in Art 110, we explored the world of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is “a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. The company’s stated mission is to help bring creative projects to life”. I only heard snippets about this website and company but never really knew what it is that they do or the purpose of it. Therefore, I thought it was a great opportunity to check it out especially since our activity this week was to check out different projects. We have to choose categories that we are interested in and view what projects people have put out there. My two categories were: dance and food!

When I checked out the Discover page for Kickstarter and saw the Dance category, I knew for a fact that this would be a category I would be interested in looking through. I found many different projects and all diverse from one another. Every project had a purpose and meaning behind it as well as the amount pledged to each project. I thought this was really cool as it was a way to see your projects come to life thanks to the donations and help of people all over the Internet.

One project that I came across and immediately liked would be Hogwarts: The Ballet Based on Harry Potter’s Famous Stories. The title first of all was what captured my attention. I love to dance and I started taking ballet ever since I was a little girl at the age of 6. Therefore, this project was something I would consider funding as their purpose and goal would be to “give young dancers an unforgettable experience, give the community the opportunity to get involved. Bring art, culture to our neighborhood”. I believe that dance is a great way to bring culture to people as well as giving these young children something to look forward to and create great memories from, while also learning how to do ballet. This project captured my attention and I love what the people are standing for and trying to raise money for. This is a great project that I would definitely consider to help out and fund.

A dance project that I really didn’t like or didn’t connect with would have to be The Trees of Govalle- Forklift Danceworks. I didn’t really understand what it is that their project was.The dance team showcases their new choreography under this beautiful pecan tree that is over 100 years old. They hope to create awareness about their urban forests as well as educating and thanking the employees who help care for the trees. I find that all very admirable but however, I do not know if I would support or fund this project as I believe there are better more effective ways in getting support and word out about saving and protecting our nature and trees. By dancing under the tree allowing people to attend these performances seem more of a publicity show for the dance team rather than awareness for the forests. However, this is just all my opinion but I do admire their willingness and creativity but this was a project that I didn’t like too much. 

The second category I chose was food because everyone just loves food! Also, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of projects would be out there about food. The ideas were endless for all these food projects and I was mesmerized by how much support every idea had. I thought that it must be pretty cool to see how much support and love you can receive as people want to see your ideas created as much as you do too. The first project I saw on the page was the one I fell in love with as quickly as I set my eyes upon it. The project is called Build Austin A Blue Cat Cafe with Rescued & Adoptable Cats! Basically the name states the exact purpose of this project. I think this project is beneficial to humans as well as for these cats. This cafe plans to house abandoned, lost, or rescued cats in hopes of people who attend the cafe to adopt them into a warm and loving home. The cafe plans to not only have cats around for people to play and interact with, but also “we will partner with local cat rescues, small businesses, artists, musicians, and food trucks to reflect the city’s fun, creative, and animal loving nature”. That’s really the best thing ever, to have cats all around, with good food, music, and just a chill place to relax and hang out. I think its a wonderful idea as people can hang out while also helping save a kitty by increasing their chances of getting adopted. All in all, it’s basically just like any regular cafe but with the extra addition of cats all around.

Finally, the last project I came across that I didn’t really like would be Old World Confections. Their project states that “making treats can be tough. Through the power of YouTube we can show the world how to do it at home”. Therefore, the main purpose in this project would be to show how to make confections at home through YouTube. “Chocolates, candies, caramels and many baked goods are considered confections. Plain and simply, they are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates”. However what I don’t like about this project is I don’t see much point in funding this project as on YouTube, there are so many tutorials on how to make just about anything. Therefore, it would be a waste of money to help fund this project as it is nothing out of the ordinary. They state how their videos would be different in that they would have “step by step instructions and explanations of what could go wrong at certain stages. We will explain how things react to various factors. Our videos will be built to help one overcome any issues without having to ask why or how it happened”. Honestly, just reading that quote from their information page, it doesn’t win me over as I still feel that anyone could find a cooking tutorial anywhere online and also doing so for free. In my opinion, there isn’t much need to fund this project and this is not one I liked and wouldn’t support.

Wk 5: Artist Interview

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I chose to do my artist interview of the week on the exhibit called Flux. The artist was kind and friendly in answering all our questions we had for her. The artist of the exhibit is Dianna Franco and she shares how she’s a senior undergraduate Painting Bachelors of Fine Arts student. She looked young so I thought it was pretty amazing that even as an undergrad she was able to paint an entire exhibit that had so much meaning and depth behind it all. Her paintings definitely caught my eye when I entered the gallery and I was mesmerized by the blending and choices of colors she used together. I admit at first, I didn’t really understand the meaning behind her work but luckily she shared her artist statement with us. The name choice of her exhibit was rather interesting to me at first. I liked the name for it was simple but also complex. Flux is described as the flow of energy, constant change. 

Her paintings share a story and a relationship of the constant battle between nature and civilization. I’ve heard of this topic before from other artists but what made Dianna’s so much more interesting to me was that she based this struggle between the two from “micro to macro level in psychology and science”. I thought that was really inspiring because I never looked at art through such a large gap of sizes. Also the other thing was the fact that she saw inspiration with her paintings from the levels of other subjects like psychology and science. Dianna shares her inspiration with us on where she got the idea for the exhibit. She says “I am inspired by how nature and civilizations are always in flux with each other” and from then on, describes more detail into it. She says that in her exhibit, these paintings shows the exploration she did with the inner parts in nature and how civilizations can affect the outside. Furthermore, she did the vice versa is that she also looked deeper into how the outer parts of civilization areas can affect the inside. 

Following through all that, I asked about the colors she used for the paintings as that was what captured my attention in the first place. I wanted to know if she picked the colors by random or if they had a certain specific reason or meaning to it. She shares that she used neutral and saturated colors for the inner and outer parts. Then she used thick and thin paint for the varieties of weight found in nature and civilizations. I could really notice some of the paint was thicker than the rest of the painting with the obvious texture of it. I really liked how some of the paintings had different color contrasts as with really bright colors with more neutral colors blended in. I then realized that with this exhibit, I interpreted as how nature and civilization worked with one another and were constantly changing. Therefore, her paintings show just that as they are intertwined and look as if it’s all in a flow. Nature is constantly changing around us and adapting to us humans taking over. Civilization is also changing as well in that we are constantly growing and expanding as well as learning to adapt in better more efficient ways. With Dianna’s paintings, to me they reflect just that. The texture of the paintings represent the thinness and thickness between the two conjoining variables. I also really liked how well she blended in the colors for the painting that was all shades of blue was really one of my favorites by her. I am very inspired in how Dianna took the meaning of her exhibit to a whole new level and it really changed my perspective as well as showing me another side to art. I am grateful to have gotten to view her work including all the other talented artists with their exhibits at the gallery. #gatov-west

Wk 5: Student Interview


This week I was pretty nervous in having to do another student interview. Although I understand the purpose in meeting a new student in the class every week, I still find it super nerve wrecking to have to find a new student to talk to. So I arrived a bit early and I just walked around and I noticed a girl sitting on a rock. I immediately walked towards her and asked her if I could interview her. I knew if I didn’t go with my instinct to talk to her, I would’ve just sat somewhere else alone waiting for someone to talk to me first. Luckily she was very friendly and sweet and confided in me that she was glad I came up to her to talk to her. She too finds it very nerve wrecking to find someone to interview so I’m glad she was able to relate and understand how I felt.

Oh, by the way, “she” would be Jessa Camago, my new friend of the week. I asked her what ethnicity/race she is as I couldn’t really tell by her last name. Jessa told me she’s Filipino and tells me often times people would assume she was Mexican or so because she didn’t really look Asian. To me, she looks Asian but a little mixed as well. Jessa’s hometown is Lancaster which is about two hours away from Long Beach. She shares that the weather isn’t too great there for it can be really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer, basically since Lancaster is in the dessert. Luckily though, her dad is always willing to come pick her up from Long Beach and take her home any weekend. However, Jessa, like most college students, prefer to stay at college and just go home on major holidays or long weekends. She told me that her family moved around a lot. She was born in Lancaster but she moved to different locations due to her dad’s job, which is an aircraft mechanic, and also because of money issues. Jessa explains that it was definitely hard on her and her brothers (one older and one younger brother) to have to move around and adjust to a new school and making new friends. She’s even lived in Louisiana before which I thought was pretty cool!

Jessa is a business accounting major. The reason being is basically because she enjoys math. I find that very amazing and rare as people can be good at math, but not too many people like math. I asked her when it was that she fell in love with the subject and she said it was probably when she started taking calculus which is an extremely hard course (in my opinion). She’s also in tennis club here at CSULB mainly since she’s really good and enjoys playing. She started playing tennis sophomore year in high school. Not too many girls in her school played tennis therefore, guaranteeing her a spot on varsity, but also because of her great skills. I asked her about her preference for games in tennis and Jessa prefers to play singles than doubles for a match. She started playing tennis as it was an extracurricular and also because her older brother, who is a sophomore at San Francisco State, played it. Jessa is very happy that she got into CSULB and really likes it here. She lives in Hillside, like me, and she told me she applied for a random roommate and is grateful for who she got paired with. She gets along fine with her roommate and they also share a group of friends from their building whom Jessa mainly hangs with. Also, she has her boyfriend to spend time with as he too attends CSULB. I’m glad my gut feeling told me to interview Jessa as it was really easy to talk to her and she was friendly and interesting to get to know. 

Wk 4: Activity

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** SORRY the video is only through Facebook and my roommate doesn’t have the original copy of the video anymore so the link is all I could manage. Facebook doesn’t allow me to save the video but only copy the link. I hope you can see it so I can still get credit. Let me know if there’s an issue! Just click the first link shown in the paragraph above! It should be public allowing you to view it. Sorry again and thank you! 🙂 **

In all honesty, I wasn’t too sure about this week’s activity. In fact, I was pretty confused on it. Nonetheless, I gave it some thought and did some research like Glenn suggested. I searched up the definition of performance art which was the main theme of the activity this week and it states: “an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance”. Then I slowly began to understand as I put the pieces together on what exactly it was that we had to do as well as get a lesson from this week. To me, I believe the purpose of this activity is for us to get out there and do things that aren’t normal and be over the top! In a way, it’s actually a good thing since it gives us a chance to let loose and have a little fun especially since we’ve been stuck in school all week. I like the purpose of performance art for it’s definitely very different but yet it’s still about evoking emotion and expressing yourself, except in a more dramatic fashion. 

With participating in The Mina Show, I began thinking what could I do. Then it hit me, dancing. I love to dance, as I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl at the age of 5 or 6. I took ballet class ever since then until the end of senior year in high school. However, despite the freedom and enjoyment I receive from dancing, the practices and training would sometimes get grueling and tiresome. Therefore, on the side, I would love to goof around with my friends and do crazy dance moves that were way over the top. I was comfortable enough to even do it in public and I loved it so much because I was letting go of my worries and struggles from practicing, and was able to free and have fun and do what I loved: dancing. People need to grasp the concept that you don’t need to look when you dance! Everyone can dance! Sure it may not be trained professional dancing but even just grooving to music with your friends counts as dancing, as long as you’re being yourself and just having fun. Therefore, I had this crazy dance that made everyone laugh when I was in my junior year of high school. I was in practice with my dance team and to let off some steam, I just went all out and went crazy. The laughter as well as my freedom to just express myself no matter how ugly I may have danced was well worth it for the final satisfaction. Not only was I able to relieve my teammates’ stress but mine as well. Sadly though, I was unable to find the video. But luckily I never stopped having fun dancing which is why I have this new video of myself dancing in the dorms. 

My roommate recorded me one night when we were just laughing and having fun. I loved this song and I thought, hey this would be a great workout song to dance to. I told my roommate and randomly did some crazy choreography on the spot and she happened to record me. She then called it my “pre-shower workout” and posted it on Facebook. I was pretty embarrassed at first, but then I realized all the positive response I got from it from my friends. I then realized my over the top performance was able to put a smile on their face or even make them laugh. Therefore, I hope y’all enjoy my embarrassing clip. This activity still might actually mean a completely different thing, but this was the way I perceived it and it taught and reminded me a valuable lesson. We should all take time from our busy lives, step back, and live a little! 

Wk4: Artist Interview

10956635_10205145752794739_2036080278_n 11004324_10205145752914742_296547360_n 11004418_10205145752874741_14687309_n 11005944_10205145752834740_1616188072_n

This week I loved all the art galleries for they were all paintings. I specifically chose one in particular that I found rather intriguing and interesting which is why I chose it to blog about. I chose Victor Ortega and Andrea Albarran’s exhibit called Exposed to write about. Although when I was there, I didn’t see the artists but luckily their statements and artwork was proudly displayed for us to enjoy and admire. These two talented artists chose to use oil painting for all their artwork and I thought it was a great choice. Oil painting helps bring out color and makes it more vivid and bright looking. It works even better since their whole exhibit features the aspect and dimension about the color in their paintings. They focused on the deep yet beautiful theme of birth along with the construction and deconstruction of the figure. I focused mostly on Andrea Albarran’s work for I was rather drawn to her choice of paintings. Attached are the photos I took of her beautiful vivid artwork that I thought were rather interesting and drew an emotion out of me.

Andrea shares about how it’s easier for her to express her feelings about something or someone through color out of all things. Painting allows her “to reveal and expose my realities to others”. Upon reading that, I immediately thought back to the first week of class when Glenn asked us what was the meaning of art. Everyone understands how art can be used to express one’s feelings and emotions that are too difficult to explain through words or actions. For Andrea, it’s not only art and painting, but the usage of color. I found that really inspiring and interesting for I never thought of color to a way of expressing oneself.

Andrea would receive compliments on the artwork she done of her family and relatives for people would praise her on the color choice. The color choices were subtle, sweet, and beautiful and soon Andrea came to realize how she painting her relatives with more detail, attention, and care, for she wanted their praise and approval of her paintings. After this, she began to understand the usage and significance with color so she utilized color into deep themes like violence and rape. Through these heavy subjects, she shows the difference between light and dark colors with positive and negative themes. Andrea likes to use a variety of pigments and colors to express her feelings toward specific subjects that she paints. The colors along with the loose brush strokes “build relationships” to share a story and simply speaks for itself. She hopes viewers will see her perspective of particular individuals through color and I can say, I do. These paintings have beautiful colors to them, the dark and the light ones. Each one captures my attention and shares to me its own story. This exhibit of Exposured was amazing and they should be proud of their awesome work. I am grateful they shared their pieces with us. #gatov-east

Wk4: Student Interview


Hi WordPress! Nice to talk to you again hehe. My new friend of the week is Jeannette Khong! She’s a freshman just like me and she’s studying biochem here at CSULB. I know biochem is a large major in that there’s a variety of jobs you can go into with a bachelor’s in biochem. Jeannette shared with me that she is planning to do pre-med! Going pre-med means she wants to become a doctor hopefully one day. I am so in awe of her! Her dedication and passion to become a doctor is truly evident when I talk to her about the subject. She told me she does have the passion for helping people of course, but the main reason she wants to be a doctor is because she finds the field interesting. Her parents wanted her to pursue a job in medicine and so for the good pay, job opportunities, as well as helping others. Jeannette says she cares about all that but still, her main reason is because she has a passion for science and finds it all interesting.

She told me that in high school she was in a club team known as HOSA which stands for Health Occupations Students of America. This was the only club she really participated and joined in high school. There’s a medical conference with different schools and she would compete in different events which she really enjoyed. Other than that, she told me she was never really integrated in school events and clubs too much in high school. She just went to her classes, hung out with her friends, and had a good 4 years in high school! Jeannette told me she really enjoys swimming however, and during freshman and sophomore year, she was on the swim team. When I asked her why she quit, she simply said she didn’t really feel like committing to the team and joining any school events and such. She just wanted free simple fun years in high school which I definitely can understand.

When I told her about how I enjoy dancing, she shared how her uncle actually teaches at CSULB! I thought that was pretty cool. I took Intro to Ballet my first semester, but it wasn’t her uncle. Nonetheless, I still thought it was interesting. She told me how he used to work for LAPD but now he teaches ballet because he was a dance major during college. Kind of random and different especially with the total opposites with the two jobs.

Jeannette told me about her hometown in that she lives in Anaheim and now currently lives in an apartment in Anaheim as well. She lives in an apartment with her friend and boyfriend with her friend going to UCIrvine and her boyfriend attending Cerritos college. They chose to live in Anaheim so it’s midway between all their different colleges. Her house though is right by Disneyland and of course I had to ask if she had gone before. She said despite the fact she basically lives close by, her first time was in junior year of high school! It’s the cost of Disneyland which usually prevented her from going which I agree with since ticket prices are actually around $100 per ticket.

Finally she shared a bit more in that she has one brother who is currently a sophomore in high school. She attended the same high school he goes to which is Oxford Academy. Upon hearing the name, I immediately thought it was a private school. She said many people think it is too but it’s actually a public school. However, students who wish to enroll and attend Oxford Academy must take an entrance exam and the academy is from grades 7 through 12. Jeannette explained to me why it’s considered a public high school because they receive no government funding. Lastly, the most incredible and amazing thing I learned about Jeannette Khong was that she told me how in high school, she actually was very close to failing chem. Despite that fact, unlike most people who tend to shy away from their worst subjects, she set her mind to work harder. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do well and she did just that. Jeannette worked hard and says chemistry is now her favorite subject and she excels at it which explains the reason why she chose to major in biochem.

Jeannette was very friendly and so easy to talk to. I’m glad I recognized her and was able to talk to her and get to know her better. Even better, I found out she’s in my Communications 110 activity class! Learning about Jeannette was a great deal of fun as well as a great conversation and I’m very thankful!

Wk 3: Activity




For our activity this week we used the popular app of Instagram! I personally love Instagram mainly because I love taking pictures of places I’ve been to, friends I’ve made, food I tried, and etc. It basically lets the world know what you’ve been up to. Also, it’s a great way to find new places to try out or places to go after seeing your friends post about it. Therefore, we used Instagram for our entire class of Art 110. On Thursday, we all had to post at least 4 posts of basically anything. It could pictures of anything such as our outfits, scenery, or even food! These first three posts are mine and I really like how they came out. I have to admit, I like posting “hipster-y” photos. Therefore I used different filters such as trying out black&white for the first time in the photo of Kelsey Lewis, a friend I met this week for the Student Interview. The middle photo shows my recreation of my two friends in showing off their outfits and only that. I just generally like the entire composition of it all. Finally the last photo is an ice cream shop I’ve been to.




Finally, these three posts were ones I’ve found in the hashtag #art110s15 that was required in our posts. I especially liked these two posts by two of my fellow classmates. I chose these three specially because the first post is a breathtaking view of Signal Hill. Signal Hill is a view point spot that’s nearby Long Beach. During my first few weeks of CSULB, my friends took me here as well to check out the incredible view. I was a bit skeptical at first especially because I’ve seen quite a few beautiful night light views back at home. However, once I arrived and saw that view I immediately shared my apology and took back my words. The view was amazing and incredibly breathtaking. City lights were everywhere! The area of the viewpoint was well maintained and quite popular with other admirers. It’s definitely worth checking out. As a result, I felt rather connected with this post in knowing that I’m not the only CSULB student who has gone to see this viewpoint area, so it was pretty cool to know how popular it is!

The second post is of a beautiful sunset. Although I’m not sure if I saw this exact sunset, I immediately smiled and laughed because whenever I see the sky with different colors for a sunset, I would instantly whip out my phone and try to get that perfect picture and post onto social media as well. Also, their caption of “Weekend starts now!” makes me smile because I always experience that same relief and joy knowing that my classes for the week are over and that I finally get to relax and look forward to the upcoming weekend. I was able to make that emotional understanding with my fellow classmate in that basically, “it sucks going to college and I can’t wait to chill”.

Last but not least, the third Instagram photo I chose I could really relate to. In my dorm room, on my bulletin board, I too have put up tons of photos. They range from my high school friends, to my family, to memories that I created, and so on. Mary Quach’s caption of “My dorm wall reminds me of home every time I lay in bed” rings true to my heart as I feel the exact same way when I lay in bed and just stare up and look at my pictures. I get so homesick but luckily for me I only live about an hour away. Mary’s post states that she lives 8 hours away! That’s so much harder to deal with so it’s harder for me to understand that. Nonetheless, I still recognize the pain and feeling of homesickness as days pass by here at CSULB. I totally agree and connect with her emotionally when I found her post.

Therefore, what I took from this week’s activity was that I believe that we are all in our own separate worlds doing our own activities but at the same time, we ARE all connected. Simple posts such as the two I found were relate able and understandable. Although I wasn’t physically there with them, I felt like I almost was and could relate to what the purpose of their posting was for. Despite the fact that social media can be seen as a distraction at times, it truly does serve a purpose in that it brings us all together giving us a sense of belonging in a community. This activity definitely helped me open my eyes and realize this for the first time. I never understood until now despite how separate we all are, we are all connected. Ironic isn’t it?