Wk 2: Artist Interview





This week we went to the four galleries to see different artists and their works. I think this idea is really eye-opening and a great experience because I rarely get to see artwork. These artists put in so much time and effort and it’s great they let us come view their master pieces for free! I loved all 3 exhibits but the one that probably stuck out to me the most was in the Max L. Gatov Gallery in the East and West wing.

Maccabee Shelley, the artist of No Redemption Value, came to our class on Tuesday to share a bit about his exhibit. When the pictures of his sculptures were shown, I was immediately intrigued and interested. I never seen ceramics done quite like this before. The colors and shapes captivated me. I didn’t quite understand his pieces however so I was interested in seeing the exhibit and asking him about it.

Shelley told us how his pieces took about 100 hours to create it all and the items were ceramics made with glass. He said they were made like “hard edges that looks like you can put it together”. Most of the molds he made weighed over 200 pounds! The hard struggle he went through with digging through dumpsters to find glass as well as the mold making being very messy with the materials burning his skin, makes me admire him to such another level. His passion and love for ceramics and art pushes him to go beyond the boundaries and aim to make out-of-the-box art.

Maccabee Shelley shared with us how artists, especially him, has object expectations. They would want it to be something (an idea in mind) but it may come out different after putting it into the kiln. Shelley inspires me with what he said in that “let your ego go and embrace it”. He talked about some of the art pieces that I posted photos of in that each piece inspired the next. He started with small pieces and the more and more he goes on, his imagination expanded with the collection. Shelley sees an unexpected detail in a piece and wants to explore that more which leads into a brand new piece.

Finally, he concluded with a word of advice of “try not to think too much into it” which I agree is very true when it comes to creating art. Maccabee Shelly’s exhibit was incredible and I’m so grateful we were able to view it and learn more about his pieces as well as the purpose and inspiration behind it all. #gatov-west


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