Wk 2: Student Interview


Hello world! Meet my new friend, Nathan Baldonado! He is a freshman at CSULB just like me. After he introduced himself to me, first thing I asked him was about his ethnicity due to his long last name. I found out that he’s Filipino. He came to CSULB as a child development major for first semester, and just recently switched into the film major department. I heard that the film major department is amazing here as well as pretty competitive. I asked Nathan why he chose to switch into film. He honestly explained to me that he always wanted to do film but his parents as well as him, didn’t think of the major as a practical choice. I’m proud of him that he decided to go for it however, especially if it’s something he loves doing. Nathan started with photography in senior year when he joined yearbook as a photographer. He didn’t know much but learned quickly and eventually fell in love with it. He even begged his parents to buy him a professional camera which he used to do photo shoots or help take couple photos for special occasions like prom. Senior year of high school he also took a cinematography class which then lead him hooked onto wanting to produce films. When asked specifically what movies he enjoys or wants to produce in the future, Nathan shared that he wants to create war dramas. It was rather specific which lead me to ask him why? He told me he has family in the military which he loves hearing stories about. Truthfully he even tells me how war dramas are the only movies that make him emotional.

Nathan is also a Christian like me and attends a CSULB club known as AACF, or Asian American Christian Fellowship. He’s been a Christian his whole life however his family and him switched to different denominations such as Catholic or Lutheran. Nonetheless he became more settled and religious once attending AACF and meeting fellow college Christians.

Finally, Nathan told me how he lives pretty close by (in Cerritos) but dorms at the off-campus site of Beachside and he told me about his little brother in 7th grade who loves to play basketball. Nathan also plays the guitar and also in senior year, he and his friends were in a band together. They performed and competed in their school’s talent show.

I’m definitely glad I got to meet Nathan and that I made a new friend. If you guys ever see him around campus, just say hello; I guarantee you that he’s super friendly.


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