Wk 2: Activity

My first activity for Art 110 was graffiti or in other words, spray painting our names in bubble letters. We were allowed to head to Venice beach as they allow spray painting on certain areas on weekends! Sadly however, my plans didn’t work out so I had to stick to my first time spray painting on a piece of poster board. I was really excited for this activity as I’ve never tried spray painting before. I always thought graffiti art was so cool and creative. These taggers not only showed off their artistic ability but often times, their art had a message or purpose behind it all. However, that does not mean I support tagging or graffiti in illegal areas but I think where legal, it’s amazing artwork that really grabs onlookers’ action. Illegal graffiti is very dangerous and I don’t support it, but I would tell these artists to rather showcase and express their art on areas that ARE legal. Nowadays, our society supports artists and their works therefore providing areas where tagging is legal.

I went to the art store and chose my two colors: purple and metallic silver. There was no reasoning behind my colors besides the fact that I just thought they would look pretty together. However I was a bit worried about the metallic silver in that the color would come out a bit too transparent.

First things first, I sketched out the outline of the bubble letters to my name. I wanted to make it unique and graffiti like. I really actually like how my sketch came out.

So I then decided it was time to add in the paint. This is where things grew tricky. I was excited to spray paint however, I only had a small area to spray on. If it was a wall, it’d be easier to spray on since the canvas would be larger and more susceptible to mess-ups. Nonetheless, I sprayed the “C” first with my metallic silver color. The color came out slightly transparent but when dried, it looked opaque so it was all good. Then I took the purple to outline the “C” and I REALLY liked the color of it. It was a bold and strong color and I fell in love with it. I continued on with the same process with the rest of the letters. However, I realized the more I went on, I couldn’t follow with the outline because the spray paint came out more spread out so the outcome wasn’t as neat as my outline. I expected this but I found it rather frustrating especially with the limited space I had. I completed my entire name at the end.



It wasn’t the same outcome I had in mind. It was very messy and wet with paint probably because I was sometimes too slow in spraying and sprayed a bit too close therefore mixing the colors sometimes. I even learned that as time went on, pressing the nozzle started to hurt my second finger too. Therefore I give my respect to those taggers who spray paint huge pictures or messages, because that must get incredibly exhausting. Despite my disappointment in the final outcome, I still had a lot of fun doing this activity. I got to go out of my comfort zone since when I used to do art, I only stuck with painting, pastels, or pencil. It was a great experience and I actually may try again since I still have paint left. Perhaps one weekend, I may just head over to Venice and try tagging my name there.
I give my respect and appreciation to those taggers out there who put their artwork out for the world to see. I am amazed at the creations and artwork their imaginations can come up with. On a side note though, I would advise all interested in tagging or who do tag for a living, to make sure to showcase their artwork on legal areas only!


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