Wk 3: Student Interview


Hello to y’all! I made a new friend this week thanks to Art 110, such a great opportunity to learn to break out of my shell and try meeting new people. I’m pretty shy about meeting new people but my friend this week, luckily approached me first. The student I interviewed this week was Kelsey Lewis. When I heard her name, I remembered her name being called for two of her ID cards being shown in class. I remember she replicated the CSULB ID card with the pyramid and she draw a cartoon version of herself as the ID picture, but what was memorable was that she blackened out her face. Her other, very well done ID card, was a watercolor one. Therefore after that, I asked her if she enjoyed drawing. She told me that she’s actually been drawing since she was about 3! That’s incredible when I heard that. Kelsey tells me that specifically enjoys drawing eyes and hair. Her mom is also a great artist so Kelsey most likely inherited her talent from her mom. I asked why didn’t she choose to major in art and she shared that she only likes drawing as a hobby, and only draws when she feels like it. Also, like most artists, she’s a major perfectionist when it comes to her artwork and doesn’t like people seeing the drawing and her progress.

She told me how she has no rhythm and can’t dance, however she does like mosh pit! Kelsey is at CSULB as a journalism major. The funny thing about is that she never had a passion for writing nor does she watch the news. However in senior year of high school, she was editor of chief for the yearbook. She begged her parents for a DSLR camera for she likes the aspect of photography. When she chose the major of journalism, she started learning more about the major through her courses and began enjoying it more. She shared passionately to me how in classes she learned how stories are manipulated and corrupted. Therefore, she wants to get the truth out there. When she was sharing all this with me, I was so inspired by her passion and love for her new found major and I truly hope she’ll stick with it and become a successful journalist one day.

Finally Kelsey shared that she lives in Central Valley which is 6 hours away from CSULB. Due to that fact, she is currently residing at Los Alamitos. Because home is so far away for her, Kelsey only gets to go home on major breaks such as winter break or Thanksgiving etc. She told me how she too wanted to get away from home and she always loved SoCal. She told me how she has social anxiety how she fidgets and gets scared of approaching people and with public speaking. I commended her though that she was really brave especially since she was the one to approach me first to do the interviews. She explained also that she is currently taking Theatre and how nerve-wrecking it is especially since the professor knows she hates public speaking. But I am sure the class will definitely help with her social anxiety. Kelsey has one older brother who is 4 1/2 years older than her and wants to go to the Marines. Her younger brother is 3 years younger and is shyer than her. The irony is that he wants to major in action though! Also, she is very athletic in that during high school, she played golf her junior and senior year. She loves soccer which is why she’s been playing it since she was 5 until 18. She loves it a lot but sadly, it gave her knee problems.
All in all, Kelsey likes CSULB for the surrounding area, the affordability, and also since her aunt and uncle live nearby.

I am so grateful to have met Kelsey Lewis and to learn so much about her. Despite her saying she’s shy, I think she’s very brave and such a friendly person and I’m so glad to have a new friend.


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