Wk 3: Activity




For our activity this week we used the popular app of Instagram! I personally love Instagram mainly because I love taking pictures of places I’ve been to, friends I’ve made, food I tried, and etc. It basically lets the world know what you’ve been up to. Also, it’s a great way to find new places to try out or places to go after seeing your friends post about it. Therefore, we used Instagram for our entire class of Art 110. On Thursday, we all had to post at least 4 posts of basically anything. It could pictures of anything such as our outfits, scenery, or even food! These first three posts are mine and I really like how they came out. I have to admit, I like posting “hipster-y” photos. Therefore I used different filters such as trying out black&white for the first time in the photo of Kelsey Lewis, a friend I met this week for the Student Interview. The middle photo shows my recreation of my two friends in showing off their outfits and only that. I just generally like the entire composition of it all. Finally the last photo is an ice cream shop I’ve been to.




Finally, these three posts were ones I’ve found in the hashtag #art110s15 that was required in our posts. I especially liked these two posts by two of my fellow classmates. I chose these three specially because the first post is a breathtaking view of Signal Hill. Signal Hill is a view point spot that’s nearby Long Beach. During my first few weeks of CSULB, my friends took me here as well to check out the incredible view. I was a bit skeptical at first especially because I’ve seen quite a few beautiful night light views back at home. However, once I arrived and saw that view I immediately shared my apology and took back my words. The view was amazing and incredibly breathtaking. City lights were everywhere! The area of the viewpoint was well maintained and quite popular with other admirers. It’s definitely worth checking out. As a result, I felt rather connected with this post in knowing that I’m not the only CSULB student who has gone to see this viewpoint area, so it was pretty cool to know how popular it is!

The second post is of a beautiful sunset. Although I’m not sure if I saw this exact sunset, I immediately smiled and laughed because whenever I see the sky with different colors for a sunset, I would instantly whip out my phone and try to get that perfect picture and post onto social media as well. Also, their caption of “Weekend starts now!” makes me smile because I always experience that same relief and joy knowing that my classes for the week are over and that I finally get to relax and look forward to the upcoming weekend. I was able to make that emotional understanding with my fellow classmate in that basically, “it sucks going to college and I can’t wait to chill”.

Last but not least, the third Instagram photo I chose I could really relate to. In my dorm room, on my bulletin board, I too have put up tons of photos. They range from my high school friends, to my family, to memories that I created, and so on. Mary Quach’s caption of “My dorm wall reminds me of home every time I lay in bed” rings true to my heart as I feel the exact same way when I lay in bed and just stare up and look at my pictures. I get so homesick but luckily for me I only live about an hour away. Mary’s post states that she lives 8 hours away! That’s so much harder to deal with so it’s harder for me to understand that. Nonetheless, I still recognize the pain and feeling of homesickness as days pass by here at CSULB. I totally agree and connect with her emotionally when I found her post.

Therefore, what I took from this week’s activity was that I believe that we are all in our own separate worlds doing our own activities but at the same time, we ARE all connected. Simple posts such as the two I found were relate able and understandable. Although I wasn’t physically there with them, I felt like I almost was and could relate to what the purpose of their posting was for. Despite the fact that social media can be seen as a distraction at times, it truly does serve a purpose in that it brings us all together giving us a sense of belonging in a community. This activity definitely helped me open my eyes and realize this for the first time. I never understood until now despite how separate we all are, we are all connected. Ironic isn’t it?


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