Wk4: Student Interview


Hi WordPress! Nice to talk to you again hehe. My new friend of the week is Jeannette Khong! She’s a freshman just like me and she’s studying biochem here at CSULB. I know biochem is a large major in that there’s a variety of jobs you can go into with a bachelor’s in biochem. Jeannette shared with me that she is planning to do pre-med! Going pre-med means she wants to become a doctor hopefully one day. I am so in awe of her! Her dedication and passion to become a doctor is truly evident when I talk to her about the subject. She told me she does have the passion for helping people of course, but the main reason she wants to be a doctor is because she finds the field interesting. Her parents wanted her to pursue a job in medicine and so for the good pay, job opportunities, as well as helping others. Jeannette says she cares about all that but still, her main reason is because she has a passion for science and finds it all interesting.

She told me that in high school she was in a club team known as HOSA which stands for Health Occupations Students of America. This was the only club she really participated and joined in high school. There’s a medical conference with different schools and she would compete in different events which she really enjoyed. Other than that, she told me she was never really integrated in school events and clubs too much in high school. She just went to her classes, hung out with her friends, and had a good 4 years in high school! Jeannette told me she really enjoys swimming however, and during freshman and sophomore year, she was on the swim team. When I asked her why she quit, she simply said she didn’t really feel like committing to the team and joining any school events and such. She just wanted free simple fun years in high school which I definitely can understand.

When I told her about how I enjoy dancing, she shared how her uncle actually teaches at CSULB! I thought that was pretty cool. I took Intro to Ballet my first semester, but it wasn’t her uncle. Nonetheless, I still thought it was interesting. She told me how he used to work for LAPD but now he teaches ballet because he was a dance major during college. Kind of random and different especially with the total opposites with the two jobs.

Jeannette told me about her hometown in that she lives in Anaheim and now currently lives in an apartment in Anaheim as well. She lives in an apartment with her friend and boyfriend with her friend going to UCIrvine and her boyfriend attending Cerritos college. They chose to live in Anaheim so it’s midway between all their different colleges. Her house though is right by Disneyland and of course I had to ask if she had gone before. She said despite the fact she basically lives close by, her first time was in junior year of high school! It’s the cost of Disneyland which usually prevented her from going which I agree with since ticket prices are actually around $100 per ticket.

Finally she shared a bit more in that she has one brother who is currently a sophomore in high school. She attended the same high school he goes to which is Oxford Academy. Upon hearing the name, I immediately thought it was a private school. She said many people think it is too but it’s actually a public school. However, students who wish to enroll and attend Oxford Academy must take an entrance exam and the academy is from grades 7 through 12. Jeannette explained to me why it’s considered a public high school because they receive no government funding. Lastly, the most incredible and amazing thing I learned about Jeannette Khong was that she told me how in high school, she actually was very close to failing chem. Despite that fact, unlike most people who tend to shy away from their worst subjects, she set her mind to work harder. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do well and she did just that. Jeannette worked hard and says chemistry is now her favorite subject and she excels at it which explains the reason why she chose to major in biochem.

Jeannette was very friendly and so easy to talk to. I’m glad I recognized her and was able to talk to her and get to know her better. Even better, I found out she’s in my Communications 110 activity class! Learning about Jeannette was a great deal of fun as well as a great conversation and I’m very thankful!


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