Wk 4: Activity

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** SORRY the video is only through Facebook and my roommate doesn’t have the original copy of the video anymore so the link is all I could manage. Facebook doesn’t allow me to save the video but only copy the link. I hope you can see it so I can still get credit. Let me know if there’s an issue! Just click the first link shown in the paragraph above! It should be public allowing you to view it. Sorry again and thank you! 🙂 **

In all honesty, I wasn’t too sure about this week’s activity. In fact, I was pretty confused on it. Nonetheless, I gave it some thought and did some research like Glenn suggested. I searched up the definition of performance art which was the main theme of the activity this week and it states: “an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance”. Then I slowly began to understand as I put the pieces together on what exactly it was that we had to do as well as get a lesson from this week. To me, I believe the purpose of this activity is for us to get out there and do things that aren’t normal and be over the top! In a way, it’s actually a good thing since it gives us a chance to let loose and have a little fun especially since we’ve been stuck in school all week. I like the purpose of performance art for it’s definitely very different but yet it’s still about evoking emotion and expressing yourself, except in a more dramatic fashion. 

With participating in The Mina Show, I began thinking what could I do. Then it hit me, dancing. I love to dance, as I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl at the age of 5 or 6. I took ballet class ever since then until the end of senior year in high school. However, despite the freedom and enjoyment I receive from dancing, the practices and training would sometimes get grueling and tiresome. Therefore, on the side, I would love to goof around with my friends and do crazy dance moves that were way over the top. I was comfortable enough to even do it in public and I loved it so much because I was letting go of my worries and struggles from practicing, and was able to free and have fun and do what I loved: dancing. People need to grasp the concept that you don’t need to look when you dance! Everyone can dance! Sure it may not be trained professional dancing but even just grooving to music with your friends counts as dancing, as long as you’re being yourself and just having fun. Therefore, I had this crazy dance that made everyone laugh when I was in my junior year of high school. I was in practice with my dance team and to let off some steam, I just went all out and went crazy. The laughter as well as my freedom to just express myself no matter how ugly I may have danced was well worth it for the final satisfaction. Not only was I able to relieve my teammates’ stress but mine as well. Sadly though, I was unable to find the video. But luckily I never stopped having fun dancing which is why I have this new video of myself dancing in the dorms. 

My roommate recorded me one night when we were just laughing and having fun. I loved this song and I thought, hey this would be a great workout song to dance to. I told my roommate and randomly did some crazy choreography on the spot and she happened to record me. She then called it my “pre-shower workout” and posted it on Facebook. I was pretty embarrassed at first, but then I realized all the positive response I got from it from my friends. I then realized my over the top performance was able to put a smile on their face or even make them laugh. Therefore, I hope y’all enjoy my embarrassing clip. This activity still might actually mean a completely different thing, but this was the way I perceived it and it taught and reminded me a valuable lesson. We should all take time from our busy lives, step back, and live a little! 


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