Wk4: Artist Interview

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This week I loved all the art galleries for they were all paintings. I specifically chose one in particular that I found rather intriguing and interesting which is why I chose it to blog about. I chose Victor Ortega and Andrea Albarran’s exhibit called Exposed to write about. Although when I was there, I didn’t see the artists but luckily their statements and artwork was proudly displayed for us to enjoy and admire. These two talented artists chose to use oil painting for all their artwork and I thought it was a great choice. Oil painting helps bring out color and makes it more vivid and bright looking. It works even better since their whole exhibit features the aspect and dimension about the color in their paintings. They focused on the deep yet beautiful theme of birth along with the construction and deconstruction of the figure. I focused mostly on Andrea Albarran’s work for I was rather drawn to her choice of paintings. Attached are the photos I took of her beautiful vivid artwork that I thought were rather interesting and drew an emotion out of me.

Andrea shares about how it’s easier for her to express her feelings about something or someone through color out of all things. Painting allows her “to reveal and expose my realities to others”. Upon reading that, I immediately thought back to the first week of class when Glenn asked us what was the meaning of art. Everyone understands how art can be used to express one’s feelings and emotions that are too difficult to explain through words or actions. For Andrea, it’s not only art and painting, but the usage of color. I found that really inspiring and interesting for I never thought of color to a way of expressing oneself.

Andrea would receive compliments on the artwork she done of her family and relatives for people would praise her on the color choice. The color choices were subtle, sweet, and beautiful and soon Andrea came to realize how she painting her relatives with more detail, attention, and care, for she wanted their praise and approval of her paintings. After this, she began to understand the usage and significance with color so she utilized color into deep themes like violence and rape. Through these heavy subjects, she shows the difference between light and dark colors with positive and negative themes. Andrea likes to use a variety of pigments and colors to express her feelings toward specific subjects that she paints. The colors along with the loose brush strokes “build relationships” to share a story and simply speaks for itself. She hopes viewers will see her perspective of particular individuals through color and I can say, I do. These paintings have beautiful colors to them, the dark and the light ones. Each one captures my attention and shares to me its own story. This exhibit of Exposured was amazing and they should be proud of their awesome work. I am grateful they shared their pieces with us. #gatov-east


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