Wk 5: Student Interview


This week I was pretty nervous in having to do another student interview. Although I understand the purpose in meeting a new student in the class every week, I still find it super nerve wrecking to have to find a new student to talk to. So I arrived a bit early and I just walked around and I noticed a girl sitting on a rock. I immediately walked towards her and asked her if I could interview her. I knew if I didn’t go with my instinct to talk to her, I would’ve just sat somewhere else alone waiting for someone to talk to me first. Luckily she was very friendly and sweet and confided in me that she was glad I came up to her to talk to her. She too finds it very nerve wrecking to find someone to interview so I’m glad she was able to relate and understand how I felt.

Oh, by the way, “she” would be Jessa Camago, my new friend of the week. I asked her what ethnicity/race she is as I couldn’t really tell by her last name. Jessa told me she’s Filipino and tells me often times people would assume she was Mexican or so because she didn’t really look Asian. To me, she looks Asian but a little mixed as well. Jessa’s hometown is Lancaster which is about two hours away from Long Beach. She shares that the weather isn’t too great there for it can be really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer, basically since Lancaster is in the dessert. Luckily though, her dad is always willing to come pick her up from Long Beach and take her home any weekend. However, Jessa, like most college students, prefer to stay at college and just go home on major holidays or long weekends. She told me that her family moved around a lot. She was born in Lancaster but she moved to different locations due to her dad’s job, which is an aircraft mechanic, and also because of money issues. Jessa explains that it was definitely hard on her and her brothers (one older and one younger brother) to have to move around and adjust to a new school and making new friends. She’s even lived in Louisiana before which I thought was pretty cool!

Jessa is a business accounting major. The reason being is basically because she enjoys math. I find that very amazing and rare as people can be good at math, but not too many people like math. I asked her when it was that she fell in love with the subject and she said it was probably when she started taking calculus which is an extremely hard course (in my opinion). She’s also in tennis club here at CSULB mainly since she’s really good and enjoys playing. She started playing tennis sophomore year in high school. Not too many girls in her school played tennis therefore, guaranteeing her a spot on varsity, but also because of her great skills. I asked her about her preference for games in tennis and Jessa prefers to play singles than doubles for a match. She started playing tennis as it was an extracurricular and also because her older brother, who is a sophomore at San Francisco State, played it. Jessa is very happy that she got into CSULB and really likes it here. She lives in Hillside, like me, and she told me she applied for a random roommate and is grateful for who she got paired with. She gets along fine with her roommate and they also share a group of friends from their building whom Jessa mainly hangs with. Also, she has her boyfriend to spend time with as he too attends CSULB. I’m glad my gut feeling told me to interview Jessa as it was really easy to talk to her and she was friendly and interesting to get to know. 


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