Wk 9: Artist Interview


For my artist interview for this week, I decided to switch things up and write about the exhibit that was held in the Dutzi Gallery! I realized I happened to usually choose the galleries of Gatov East and West. In the Dutzi Gallery this week, it contained figurative paintings from three different artists. Sadly however, I didn’t get to see them to talk to or interview them, but luckily their artwork was present. I was really blown away to see the art that they had created. Mainly because the work by each artist was so different but yet all equally captivating and beautiful. The two artists that I really enjoyed their pieces of work was by Lesley Nishigawara and Tiffany Le.

With Nishigawara’s work, I noticed the patterns within her artwork as her pieces are focused on how information is revealed through systems. She used “urban infrastructures” as inspirations for her artwork as they reveal patterns to her. She explains it as how they “shape pathways and daily lives while constructing a physical layer and network across the landscape of the city”. In a way, this meant to me as a benefit. These man-made structures not only change the lay-out of our city but also they provide a useful tool for us in our daily lives. Nishigawara creates and uses a set of self-defined systems and rules which then helps her to translate and change the images from the environment around her into a visual artistic interpretation. The images are from iteration such as “photography, photocopies, line drawing, sewing, taping, collaging, cutting, puncturing, and painting”. This is very true as when I looked at her artwork, they all had different mediums as each artwork was created in a different style. I liked this about her work as it gave it variety and showing that art can be created in so many different ways. Also, I like how her work is showcased by the inspiration all around her and how she’s able to visualize patterns in common every day structures all around.

Le’s artwork of the beautiful collaboration with the koi fishes and the beautiful colors was the first artwork I was attracted to when walking into the gallery. Le was inspired with her piece due to the fact that she grew up in a Confucian-influenced household. Her “visual vocabulary” was created with drawing animals and organic shapes to challenge the boundaries of the Confucian influence. She enjoys learning about and studying the opposing trials and difficulties within mythology, history, and folktales. These influences show in her artwork with her depiction in her animals and “curvilinear line work”. The artwork is drawn from her travels with her studying abroad trip to China when staring at the fish and the changes in the water and itself by their swimming patterns. Her project spoke clear to me as her intention is to showcase and dive deeper into the lack of harmony with social and cultural state. #dutzi-gallery

Wk 9: Student Interview


Hi WordPress! I have a new friend to introduce to you today. Her name is Michelle Howard. She is a freshman just like me and her major here at California State University of Long Beach is education! Immediately upon hearing that, I guessed that she wanted to teach as career. I was correct, mainly because those who choose to major in education usually go into the teaching field. However, what did surprise me was that she wanted to teach middle school kids. I thought she might have chosen little kids (elementary school) but she told me she wasn’t too good with little children. She originally wanted to teach high school but now switched to pursuing to teach middle school. When asked what subject she wants to teach, she told me health! She said they teach it in middle school now since they stopped providing health classes in high school. Michelle came to CSULB as undeclared but was leaning towards pharmacy however she decided it was too boring. She came to this conclusion mainly because she did a pharmacy internship the summer before college and with working those long hours, it was too much for her. Therefore, she decided to pursue teaching but still wanting to stay within something that’s health related, which is why she hopes to teach health class. Michelle also decided not to continue to pursue pharmacy because during her first semester, her chemistry class was super hard and difficult. Luckily since she made the switch, she has been loving and enjoying all her education classes that are tailored to her major.

Michelle lives in Cerritos therefore commuting to school everyday. However, her mom is the one that drives her to school though. Also her brother is currently a senior in high school so her mom would take them both to school. An interesting and cool fact I learned about Michelle was that she has a YouTube channel! She has a vlog (video blogging) channel and on her main channel, she likes to film makeup tutorials and such. If you want to go check out her videos, her channel is Beautybelle_412. She started this channel during summer before starting college. When I asked what made her decide to start a YouTube channel, she told me she “decided to do it just because”. She just received a really nice camera and she’s also been thinking about starting one for awhile.

Michelle transitioned into CSULB nicely as she has been able to make friends within her classes. She told me also how she used to play the clarinet in middle school but she stopped because it was boring and her teacher was mean. She plans to get her BA in education then hopefully find work. Then while working, she would probably go back to school and attend graduate school for her master’s. Finally, she tells me how CSULB was her first choice as she wanted to stay close to home! I was glad to have met Michelle and made a new friend. She was super friendly and easy to talk to.

Wk 8: Activity

This week our activity was Remix Culture! I thought the theme for the activity was a rather interesting one mainly because I never heard of it or knew how popular it really was all over social media. I was pretty uncertain though of what I could do to “remix culture” of social media since I didn’t have any ideas or inspiration. I also was a bit confused on what it exactly was. Luckily, Glenn posted tons of examples for us to view and get inspired a bit which really helped me and sparked an idea in my mind. I decided to remix photos by taking two photographs and combining or blending them together. 

The first photo I used was a picture of the sky. The sky always inspires me because it’s constantly changing. There’s never two days in a row where you see the sky the exact same way it was the day before. The clouds are different shapes, the colors of the sky can range from just clear blue to beautiful sunsets with colors of purple, red, yellow, orange, or etc. My photo that I took was actually on my way to California State University Long Beach. It was when I was heading back to the dorms and I noticed how beautiful and peaceful the sky looked. I decided to snap a quick photo and I was amazed how nice it came out despite that I was in a moving vehicle. It showed a beautiful blue sky with clouds just here and there. Included in the photo were some palm trees that added just the perfect touch to the photo. The palm trees were in a slight silhouette due to the overcast sun. 

My second photo I used in the final photo was actually a really cool one that I did with my friends. We were hanging out at a dessert place and my friend showed us his new lens for his phone. He bought a macro, wide angle, and fish eye lens and we were all testing and trying it out. It was actually super cool to play with these effects that would alter the camera. We were messing around and taking photos of one another especially using the fish eye lens. That lens really distorts the image creating hilarious results. We then started using the macro lens and I suggested we try taking a macro shot of an eye. I always seen cool up close photographs of a beautifully colored eye. However, we were all Asian so we had to settle with just shooting our brown colored eyes. Most of my friends all had small eyes so they used my eyes for experiment since I actually have pretty big eyes for an Asian. Therefore, the photo of the eye is actually mine! It came out really cool and I automatically knew I wanted to use this photo for my activity. It showed every detail so clearly even down to my eyelashes.

Finally, that’s how my final outcome of the photo for this activity came to be. I thought it be really interesting to blend a scenery photo with an up close photo of an eye. The photo shows the beautiful sky blue with clouds within the eyeball which I thought was an awesome touch. To me, the photo looks very mysterious, creepy, but cool all at the same time. I really enjoyed creating this photo and doing this activity and I’m pretty proud of what I came up with in the final result. I hope this photo gives chills and goosebumps to viewers because I want people to feel something when seeing this photograph. I am pretty proud of my creation and definitely would try this type of activity again!

Wk 8: Artist Interview

For this weeks artist interview I got the privilege to interview Nolan Reiter.  I was really excited for his exhibit because the type of art work Nolan does is something I like.  Nolan said he was a 5th year here at California State University of Long Beach. It was very fortunate for me as last week after seeing the print making exhibit, I was very interested and wanted to know more about it. The exhibit was by Nolan Reiter and it was his showcase as a BFA Printmaking major. This is his fifth year in college and his exhibit showcases his experiences in how he views the world. Nolan prefers hand-crafted and process oriented which is why his BFA solo exhibit showcases silk screened art posters that are of his most recent explorations of the world around him as well as the communities he’s part of. He tells us that he gets his inspirations through his explorations of the world along with the lesser-known communities. With his artwork, he uses vibrant bold colors to portray these fully rich cultured communities and he plans to continue his journeys and explorations.

I was really drawn to the art piece Nolan made of the person whose head was in the shape of an “O”.  It was really cool and had like an urban like art style to it.  It kind of reminded me of the same art style that was used when we had to write our names in bubble letters.  I can totally see this painting being on the side of a building or a subway.  Another thing that stuck out to me was how the “O” kind of looked like the doughnut from the popular hip-hop artists Tyler the Creator.  The “O” from his painting was very similar to the way Tyler the creator does his “O” for Odd future.  I should of asked if he got inspiration from him, but I forgot.

I also like his art piece on money.  There was an art piece showing a man in a suit smiling.  Immediately I thought of CEO’s and bosses of big companies.  I think what the artist was trying to get at was how America is this capitalistic society and how in politics our government is greatly influenced by the big companies donating money to help politicians they want to run in office.  One thing I learned in Political Science was that until recently big companies were not able to donate as much money as they wanted to major businesses.  It was only until now that companies can donate as much as they want having a really big impact on the way our government is run.  I think this art piece is inspired by this as a reminder to show the corruption of big business in America which is why it shows a man in a suit smiling.  That is what I think the artist was going for, but I can be totally wrong.  I really appreciate the works that the artist made. I learned so much and I think its amazing that you’re able to get so much information from a painting.  Sometimes all it takes is an image to tell a story.  Its nice to stare at something in wonder and that’s what I found myself doing looking at a lot of Nolan’s artwork! #gatov-east

Wk 8: Student Interview

Hello WordPress! Meet my new friend for this week, Amy Chang. I was just standing around in the art gallery wanting for the exhibits to open and then she came up straight to me and asked me to do an interview. She was very direct and straight- forward which is very similar to my personality. Despite her directness, she was still very kind and friendly towards me. Amy is a sophomore here at CSULB and is currently a communications major. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with this major though. I asked her what made her decide on choosing to be a communications major and she told me that in high school she was always told that if you didn’t know what you wanted to pick as a major in college, just join communications since there are a variety of jobs associated with being a communications major. Amy attended Los Alamitos High School which is pretty close to CSULB which is also why she commutes to school.

I asked her what type of clubs or sports she was in when she was high school. She told me she took dance in high school but mainly because she didn’t want to do P.E. For her school, you had to try out to do dance. It was really cool too, because I recognized Amy since during first semester, she was in Dance 102 with me which is Intro to Ballet. Therefore, that’s why I was interested in to see if she has previous experiences with dancing or ballet. Amy also told me how she was in cheer around the ages of 12 and 13. She, like me, took ballet when she was younger and also in high school she joined a sports team which was track/cross country. She told me though she wasn’t super involved in high school but it was okay since she still had all her friends and did well in school. She also plays the piano, clarinet, and violin.

She’s the youngest out of her siblings! She has two older sisters, who are 25 and 23. Amy also told me that her older sisters are a lot closer with each other than with her, mainly because they’re so close in age while Amy is a lot younger. Amy commutes, like I said earlier, from Los Alamitos which is an okay distance since it’s about 35 minutes away. She tells me though it’s usually just in the morning when the traffic is horrible. In high school, she wanted to go Fullerton for college as a PR major however she didn’t get accepted. Luckily though for her, it all worked out mainly because she prefers to be a communications major anyway and Fullerton doesn’t provide that major.

Wk 7: Activity

This activity was the one I couldn’t wait for and was absolutely most excited for. Although it sounds kind of creepy and morbid, the “Landscapes with a Corpse” to me is a really cool idea. I looked at the photographer, Izima Kaoru, and his photographs that started this whole idea. I really got inspired after seeing all the beautiful scenic views that was completely ironic with the “corpse” in the photo. This activity truly opened my eyes as well as my thoughts as I thought about death. I wondered about how will I truly die one day? Will it be peaceful with a beautiful landscape around me, or safe and sound in bed with my family around me, or just in a hospital? I laid in bed actually for quite awhile thinking all this through and death isn’t just a creepy sad thing, but it can also be beautiful. To me, it’s like a start of a new adventure and also that when a life ends, another life begins. Death is a sad thing but not truly negative however. Therefore, we must cherish our lives and live every day to its fullest!

I really wanted to find a beautiful landscape for the activity photo, however, I was stuck on CSULB campus this whole weekend so I had to make do with what I had. Not that CSULB has horrible landscapes or anything, but there wasn’t a specific area that really wowed or amazes me. No area that truly gave me inspiration to create a beautiful death there. Therefore, I decided more on the route of thinking of a photo in how I would die. Although the photo I took is most definitely not a way I want to die, it was actually really cool to do. I found a stairwell near my dorm, and I thought I could try a picture of me at the bottom of the steps, such as that I got pushed down the stairs and fell head first on the concrete and then “died”. I thought my concept was pretty cool but the bad part was I wasn’t too sure how to position myself to make it look believable. So in the end, the photo wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head but it’s okay, I tried my best!

I asked my friend to stand above and take the photo while I laid head first on the concrete floor and my body and legs strewn over the steps. I had to take my tme getting into this position as it was very uncomfortable and I didn’t want to hurt myself. Also, the floor was really dirty and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having my clothes and hair have dirt all over it. However, I sucked it up and went through with it. I tried to lay myself in a position that looked as if I had been pushed down the stairwell and landed in a heap at the bottom of the steps. I’m not too sure it’s very convincing but then again, I’m no model! I tried my very best though. I have to admit at first I couldn’t stop laughing because I felt rather ridiculous and I wouldn’t know what to do if someone came by and saw me or wanted to go up the stairs. Luckily we were undisturbed while my friend was getting the shots. Towards the end however, I started sliding down even more and my weight was transferred to my head and I couldn’t get up because I had no support in my lower body to bring my upper body up. So I was pretty much done after I had to have my friend carry me up. The whole experience was really cool in that I got to create a scenario of my “death” and I really enjoy picture taking activities for the art 110 class. It allows us to be creative and think outside the box! The activities in this class is what truly allows my artistic side to come out and I had a lot of fun with this activity this week. 

Wk 7: Artist Interview


For my art experience this week, all the exhibits were really fascinating to me. The printmaking captured my attention especially since we talked about on Tuesday as well. However, I chose to write my blog post this week about the Metals & Jewelry exhibit in Gatov East. The exhibition was so diverse and the works were simply exquisite. I could see so much attention to detail in their works as well as the creativity that went along to making everything.

Frances Salazar, one of the artists of this exhibits, shares about his inspiration in his pieces. Inspiration for anyone, can be seen through many different things in every day life, but there’s always that one specific special moment that forms a strong creativity that leads into crazy ideas. Some techniques shown within his work was with intricate pierce work along with adding in different types of metal to bring out the color variances. Through his work, he hopes to share a story or even just a particular moment in time. For him, it is truly a “fulfilling process that the love of the art and the joy that is felt when transforming such a strong element that is metal” into a delicate piece of jewelry. However despite the piece being so delicate, it makes such a bold statement that “it is at its best as a piece that stands alone”. I truly agree with the artist, for when looking at the metal pieces created into jewelry, it looks perfect just by itself. It simply states that nothing needed to be added to the creation and the work speaks for itself. I am amazed how they were able to create such beautiful creations when it all just began with scraps and pieces of metal. These artists were able to see something among the pieces of metal, they saw beauty and inspiration with what they had.

Jordan Phillips, who is another artist who had his work showcased (Spark), shares how his BFA exhibition shares the story of his experiences that he’s developed here in CSULB. The pieces created by him had all sorts of variety such as small-scale jewelry to metal sculpture, with an emphasis on organic and floral motifs. His aesthetic aim was to focus on his personal fascination with a “natural, and unstructured approach to the metals”. He clearly defines it as “the juxtaposition of organic aesthetics with the rigidity of geometric shapes, and more loosely, the concepts of planned obsolescence within our society”. His main goal or purpose is to showcase the beauty of the natural aesthetic with a bit of structure and formal line. His purpose of his work was rather touching to me because of the story behind it all. Jordan states that he’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts but moving to the west coast, his beliefs and ideals have changed a bit, yet nonetheless at his core, he’s still the same. Jordan also shares with his experiences being in CSULB with the new environment and views helped him to shape and mold his opinions on some things, and therefore allowing him to go “from black and white viewpoints to more grey area and ever-changing ideals”. That was when I understood the juxtaposition with his artwork in that they are either one thing or the other, but instead a mix of both and a bit in between. His current flow of beliefs are transformed into his “organic aesthetic” that’s changing and a mixture of all. #gatov-east

Also, after all my interviews and checking out the galleries, I went over to see FA1 first floor for their printmaking area! It was really cool, and it definitely sparked an interest in me that made me want to give it a try. All the artwork in the printmaking exhibit really caught my attention and to be able to see how it was made, well it looked like quite a lot of work. But the outcome of it all, is amazing so I truly give props to all the students putting their hardwork and passion to create these awesome pieces