Wk 6: Activity

Our activity this week was a rather interesting one to say at least! Instead of graffiti bombing, there’s this trend known as: YARN BOMBING! How creative right? I certainly thought so as I have never heard of this trend before. After watching some videos on yarn bombing on Tuesday in art 110, I thought this was really cool how people would create these yarn creations all over cities. I certainly think these people have tons of creativity and talent in order to do this. It also is quite a workout since your arms and hands are constantly working and moving in crocheting these masterpieces for the public to see. Therefore, when I heard we would be getting to try this too, I was a bit worried but mostly excited to try it out. 

First though, we had to visit the second floor of FA2 which was the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities. This was so we can get some inspiration in order for us to do our own fiber creations this weekend. When I went up to visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect but their creations were absolutely incredible and cool! I think more students should come and check out their artwork. I was truly inspired to see how much creativity was in just one hallway. There was tons of art potential among all these students who had their artwork published for people to see. Here are some photos I took of just some of the awesome artwork that was out for display:

So this weekend when I went home, I decided to tryout the yarn bombing for myself. After all this inspiration from the videos and from FA2, I was pretty excited. We didn’t have yarn at home to use so I decided to just cut up old tshirts to use. I tried to find old shirts with different colors to make my artwork stand out more and be more colorful! I wanted to try yarn bombing with actual yarn and crocheting but sadly I didn’t have the tools to crochet and I also didn’t know how. Therefore, I just decided to follow Glenn’s advice to take some old shirts and cut it up to tie around a pole or a tree outside on the streets. I found a thin pole near my house and this pole was to tell people what time was allowed for parking on the street. It was very bland and I decided I wanted to spruce up this boring old pole with some of my bright color fabric. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing nor did I have a creation in mind. I just went straight into it and just had fun with it. Sure enough, I truly did just that! I tried to make it look intricate and complex and mix up all my colors together. I made the fabric pieces twist all around and intertwine. People in cars as well as those walking along the street stared at me as I was working which made me a little nervous that I would get yelled at. However, I got the exact opposite response. People were curious and interested in what I was doing. They asked me why I was doing it and I shared with them about the trend of yarn bombing and how I was trying it out. Viewers told me things like “have fun!” and “it looks great!” so I was super happy that I got such positive feedback from people. Therefore, I believe society is slowly accepting street art, and it just takes some time. They all understood I was expressing my creativity and it was an activity I was simply having fun with. People agreed that my fabric definitely spruced up the boring old pole and my artwork made on-goers smile which was a definite bonus. I truly hope my artwork will last long and hopefully it won’t get ruined or taken down. I think most likely I will be sure to try out this activity again around the streets of my hometown. Probably next time, I will even ask my friends to see if they are interested in joining me with this project and hopefully, we can make the streets just more colorful and fun, causing people to smile when they see the artwork!

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