Wk 6: Artist Interview

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In my artist interview this week, I chose an exhibit that I admit confused me for quite some time. However, I really did enjoy their work and looking at their pieces. Regardless though, I wasn’t exactly sure of what her works’ purpose was. To me, each piece evoked a deeper larger meaning among the variety and complexity of how the piece was made. The artist of this exhibit is Alanna Marcelletti. Her pieces worked with different materials such as her very own wedding dress, curtains, and as well as different nylons. I thought this was very coincidental with our yarn bombing activity this week as our activity was to work with different types of fiber to create an artwork. Therefore, seeing her works truly inspired me to think outside the box. I thought it was very creative of her in how she used different materials to show the concept and theme of her exhibit which was about different scenes of domestic house settings along with the identify of women. She states that her paintings “follow the non-linear experiences of womanhood through a dialog between painting, material, and sculpture”. Marcelletti’s favorite mediums of creating art would be through painting and sculpture and she finds a way to combine the two together, like she has done with this exhibit. 

Marcelletti shares some of the obstacles, fears, and events throughout a woman’s life such as finding a husband, delivering a child, and pursing a career. I related with her pieces as I too struggle and worry about all these things. Therefore, being able to see my worries and fears through artwork is rather amazing. In one of the photos I took of her piece (the first one), shows one side as a dark canvas while the other side is the complete opposite with light colors. The artwork is meant to represent the image and reflection of purity white and then the other side shows the purity as tainted with darkness. Marcelletti shares something that I will always remember for it was true and very inspirational to events in life, “You can’t look at the purity without seeing the darkness”. 

Her other artworks shows conversations within each one in that “between these formal components creates an abstract space that combines elements of domestic architecture, psychological atmosphere, and theatricality in which characters are permitted to act out their inner fears and desires associated with the home, work, and motherhood”. Her pieces to me seem as if there’s a juxtaposition with the open meditative space with the claustrophobic destruction. There seems to be a constant struggle in all her artworks but in the end, everything seems to work out with an equal balance. Alanna Marcelletti’s artwork is absolutely incredible and opened up my eyes with a new perspective. I never thought of taking such a deep topic of struggles in womanhood and be able to display out these emotions through art. I find that extremely incredible and with her portrayal of both the positive and negative lights of outside influences with one’s own individual soul or spirit. My eyes and mind were truly opened with this exhibit and I’m thankful to have gotten a whole new perspective on things. #gatov-west


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