Wk6: Student Interview


My new friend of the week is Benjamin, or Ben, Lee! I needed an interview as I was wandering around with no one to talk to as everyone was already paired off. Luckily I found him! He already had an interview done but he was kind enough to talk with me again so I could complete my assignment. Ben is a sophomore here at CSULB and coincidentally enough, his hometown is the same area as mine! I figured that out because when we were adding each other on Facebook, we had quite some mutual friends in common. Ben is majoring in computer engineering here at CSULB which is a great major. I asked him what made him decide on this tough demanding major and he told me it was in junior year of high school when he decided to pursue this major in college. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet with this major but he chose it because he realized that he really likes computers and have always used them when he was younger. Also it was because he was interested in how computers functioned. He told me this one time where he had this old laptop that had problems such as a blue screens every now and then and it was frustrating as he didn’t know how to fix it.

Ben used to live in Parkside dorms but this year as a sophomore, he found an apartment nearby and he shares it with 2 people from his suite (back when he was living in dorms) and another friend they all know. Most of his friends he’s made at CSULB are from his dorm experience as well as friends he’s made in classes. He shares that he also was in an computer engineering club his freshman year for a short time, but eventually quit. He told me he decided to leave the club because it wasn’t as good as he expected plus he thought the meetings were boring and rather disorganized.

Ben’s main hobbies are: playing the popular game of League of Legends, reading manga, watching anime, and going to the gym. He also told me about the sports he used to play in high school. He played basketball for quite a long time which was 4-5 years during middle and high school. I asked why he stopped when he came to college and he said he prefers to play with people he knows instead of just random strangers playing on the courts here at the Rec Center at CSULB. Also including all that, he joined the track team for awhile during his junior and senior year in high school. I am definitely glad I got to know Ben and it was awesome how easy it was for me to talk to him. He truly saved me with my assignment because without him, I wouldn’t have gotten an interview with anyone. It was also very cool to have met someone who is from the same area as I am.


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