Wk 7: Student Interview

My new and most outgoing friend by far for this week is Darlene Nguyen. I randomly met her through Facebook and then we decided to interview each other on Thursday! She’s very outgoing and has a personality that’s larger than life. She was so friendly and easy to talk to as well as also very capable of joking and making me laugh. She too is a freshman like me here at CSULB. Darlene came into CSULB with the major of pre-nursing just like me, but then she decided on S.O.A.R. day (for incoming freshmen) to switch majors. She was very scared about the decision but as she puts it, “it just felt right”. I understand exactly where she is coming from because after first semester in pre-nursing, I too decided to switch majors. It was a very big choice and it was scary to leave behind one passion and switch to something else. Darlene switched into to be a biology major because she wanted a major that was more broad and general so she would have more job options. She says she doesn’t regret the switch at all, but her classes are pretty hard. Although, luckily for her, she really likes chemistry! As a biology major, she has to take FIVE semesters of it! I asked her when her passion for chemistry started and she told me it was in first grade which is pretty young in my opinion. She started really liking science when in first grade, she saw a demonstration on how pennies could change colors from different aqueous solutions. However she does hate math though.

Darlene wants to get her BS and then hopefully to be PA (physician assistant) at Kaiser Permanente with the rest of her family. I thought it was super cool how all of her dad’s side works at Kaiser, except her dad though. She told me that her dad is a graphic designer for Apple and he helps create the main icons for the apps and such. I wasn’t too sure on what a PA was and Darlene informed me that a PA is almost like being a doctor. However a PA only needs a master’s degree, and it’s basically a less prestigious position than a doctor. Nonetheless, PAs can still prescribe medicine and carry out actions a doctor can do, but they don’t get spontaneously called up at any time of the day like a doctor does. The salary for a PA is only about a couple thousand less than a doctor’s too. Darlene is like me in that she wants to work with children as well! On the other hand, she also wants to “do something a bit more crazy” such as going into obstetrics and gynecology.

Darlene doesn’t attend any clubs on campus mainly because school work and her job at Forever21 take up most of her time. Also of course, her parents don’t like her going out too much either. Randomly, she also asked me about my birthday and she let me know how she’s a “summer baby” and her birthday is on July 1st “aka Canada Day”. She’s very outgoing and energetic for sure, even with conversations, which she continues on in telling me about her birthday cake in that she usually gets a lot of red, blue, and yellow colors on it along with firework decorations. Darlene also is a huge fan of Hot Cheetos just like myself.

In high school, she was very well-rounded and active with extra-curricular and sports. She told me how she was in ASB, volleyball, track, in Pokémon club, the Vietnamese Club, and in Key Club! Wow, after hearing all that and her aspirations for after college, I felt so unaccomplished next to her! Finally our conversation led in dating and she says she’s “super hyper so I can’t stick with anything too long because it gets boring, except for my boyfriend”. They have been dating for about two and a half years and he too attends CSULB! He’s an engineering major and they’re total opposites of each other supposedly. She’s loud he’s quiet, she’s smart but he’s smarter and so on. Well I mean, opposites do attract!

Finally to end off our great conversation, we share similar hobbies in that we both love reading books! Not online stories, but actual books because something about an actual book makes the whole experience and joy so much better. We both love the story of Beauty and the Beast especially the part where the Beast gives the entire library to Belle! I’m so glad to have met Darlene for she is just something else. I loved talking with her and I have a feeling our conversation won’t just end at the galleries. I’m glad I got to meet her and I now have a new friend at CSULB who I truly get along and click with.


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