Wk 7: Activity

This activity was the one I couldn’t wait for and was absolutely most excited for. Although it sounds kind of creepy and morbid, the “Landscapes with a Corpse” to me is a really cool idea. I looked at the photographer, Izima Kaoru, and his photographs that started this whole idea. I really got inspired after seeing all the beautiful scenic views that was completely ironic with the “corpse” in the photo. This activity truly opened my eyes as well as my thoughts as I thought about death. I wondered about how will I truly die one day? Will it be peaceful with a beautiful landscape around me, or safe and sound in bed with my family around me, or just in a hospital? I laid in bed actually for quite awhile thinking all this through and death isn’t just a creepy sad thing, but it can also be beautiful. To me, it’s like a start of a new adventure and also that when a life ends, another life begins. Death is a sad thing but not truly negative however. Therefore, we must cherish our lives and live every day to its fullest!

I really wanted to find a beautiful landscape for the activity photo, however, I was stuck on CSULB campus this whole weekend so I had to make do with what I had. Not that CSULB has horrible landscapes or anything, but there wasn’t a specific area that really wowed or amazes me. No area that truly gave me inspiration to create a beautiful death there. Therefore, I decided more on the route of thinking of a photo in how I would die. Although the photo I took is most definitely not a way I want to die, it was actually really cool to do. I found a stairwell near my dorm, and I thought I could try a picture of me at the bottom of the steps, such as that I got pushed down the stairs and fell head first on the concrete and then “died”. I thought my concept was pretty cool but the bad part was I wasn’t too sure how to position myself to make it look believable. So in the end, the photo wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head but it’s okay, I tried my best!

I asked my friend to stand above and take the photo while I laid head first on the concrete floor and my body and legs strewn over the steps. I had to take my tme getting into this position as it was very uncomfortable and I didn’t want to hurt myself. Also, the floor was really dirty and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having my clothes and hair have dirt all over it. However, I sucked it up and went through with it. I tried to lay myself in a position that looked as if I had been pushed down the stairwell and landed in a heap at the bottom of the steps. I’m not too sure it’s very convincing but then again, I’m no model! I tried my very best though. I have to admit at first I couldn’t stop laughing because I felt rather ridiculous and I wouldn’t know what to do if someone came by and saw me or wanted to go up the stairs. Luckily we were undisturbed while my friend was getting the shots. Towards the end however, I started sliding down even more and my weight was transferred to my head and I couldn’t get up because I had no support in my lower body to bring my upper body up. So I was pretty much done after I had to have my friend carry me up. The whole experience was really cool in that I got to create a scenario of my “death” and I really enjoy picture taking activities for the art 110 class. It allows us to be creative and think outside the box! The activities in this class is what truly allows my artistic side to come out and I had a lot of fun with this activity this week. 


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