Wk 7: Artist Interview


For my art experience this week, all the exhibits were really fascinating to me. The printmaking captured my attention especially since we talked about on Tuesday as well. However, I chose to write my blog post this week about the Metals & Jewelry exhibit in Gatov East. The exhibition was so diverse and the works were simply exquisite. I could see so much attention to detail in their works as well as the creativity that went along to making everything.

Frances Salazar, one of the artists of this exhibits, shares about his inspiration in his pieces. Inspiration for anyone, can be seen through many different things in every day life, but there’s always that one specific special moment that forms a strong creativity that leads into crazy ideas. Some techniques shown within his work was with intricate pierce work along with adding in different types of metal to bring out the color variances. Through his work, he hopes to share a story or even just a particular moment in time. For him, it is truly a “fulfilling process that the love of the art and the joy that is felt when transforming such a strong element that is metal” into a delicate piece of jewelry. However despite the piece being so delicate, it makes such a bold statement that “it is at its best as a piece that stands alone”. I truly agree with the artist, for when looking at the metal pieces created into jewelry, it looks perfect just by itself. It simply states that nothing needed to be added to the creation and the work speaks for itself. I am amazed how they were able to create such beautiful creations when it all just began with scraps and pieces of metal. These artists were able to see something among the pieces of metal, they saw beauty and inspiration with what they had.

Jordan Phillips, who is another artist who had his work showcased (Spark), shares how his BFA exhibition shares the story of his experiences that he’s developed here in CSULB. The pieces created by him had all sorts of variety such as small-scale jewelry to metal sculpture, with an emphasis on organic and floral motifs. His aesthetic aim was to focus on his personal fascination with a “natural, and unstructured approach to the metals”. He clearly defines it as “the juxtaposition of organic aesthetics with the rigidity of geometric shapes, and more loosely, the concepts of planned obsolescence within our society”. His main goal or purpose is to showcase the beauty of the natural aesthetic with a bit of structure and formal line. His purpose of his work was rather touching to me because of the story behind it all. Jordan states that he’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts but moving to the west coast, his beliefs and ideals have changed a bit, yet nonetheless at his core, he’s still the same. Jordan also shares with his experiences being in CSULB with the new environment and views helped him to shape and mold his opinions on some things, and therefore allowing him to go “from black and white viewpoints to more grey area and ever-changing ideals”. That was when I understood the juxtaposition with his artwork in that they are either one thing or the other, but instead a mix of both and a bit in between. His current flow of beliefs are transformed into his “organic aesthetic” that’s changing and a mixture of all. #gatov-east

Also, after all my interviews and checking out the galleries, I went over to see FA1 first floor for their printmaking area! It was really cool, and it definitely sparked an interest in me that made me want to give it a try. All the artwork in the printmaking exhibit really caught my attention and to be able to see how it was made, well it looked like quite a lot of work. But the outcome of it all, is amazing so I truly give props to all the students putting their hardwork and passion to create these awesome pieces


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