Wk 8: Student Interview

Hello WordPress! Meet my new friend for this week, Amy Chang. I was just standing around in the art gallery wanting for the exhibits to open and then she came up straight to me and asked me to do an interview. She was very direct and straight- forward which is very similar to my personality. Despite her directness, she was still very kind and friendly towards me. Amy is a sophomore here at CSULB and is currently a communications major. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with this major though. I asked her what made her decide on choosing to be a communications major and she told me that in high school she was always told that if you didn’t know what you wanted to pick as a major in college, just join communications since there are a variety of jobs associated with being a communications major. Amy attended Los Alamitos High School which is pretty close to CSULB which is also why she commutes to school.

I asked her what type of clubs or sports she was in when she was high school. She told me she took dance in high school but mainly because she didn’t want to do P.E. For her school, you had to try out to do dance. It was really cool too, because I recognized Amy since during first semester, she was in Dance 102 with me which is Intro to Ballet. Therefore, that’s why I was interested in to see if she has previous experiences with dancing or ballet. Amy also told me how she was in cheer around the ages of 12 and 13. She, like me, took ballet when she was younger and also in high school she joined a sports team which was track/cross country. She told me though she wasn’t super involved in high school but it was okay since she still had all her friends and did well in school. She also plays the piano, clarinet, and violin.

She’s the youngest out of her siblings! She has two older sisters, who are 25 and 23. Amy also told me that her older sisters are a lot closer with each other than with her, mainly because they’re so close in age while Amy is a lot younger. Amy commutes, like I said earlier, from Los Alamitos which is an okay distance since it’s about 35 minutes away. She tells me though it’s usually just in the morning when the traffic is horrible. In high school, she wanted to go Fullerton for college as a PR major however she didn’t get accepted. Luckily though for her, it all worked out mainly because she prefers to be a communications major anyway and Fullerton doesn’t provide that major.


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