Wk 8: Activity

This week our activity was Remix Culture! I thought the theme for the activity was a rather interesting one mainly because I never heard of it or knew how popular it really was all over social media. I was pretty uncertain though of what I could do to “remix culture” of social media since I didn’t have any ideas or inspiration. I also was a bit confused on what it exactly was. Luckily, Glenn posted tons of examples for us to view and get inspired a bit which really helped me and sparked an idea in my mind. I decided to remix photos by taking two photographs and combining or blending them together. 

The first photo I used was a picture of the sky. The sky always inspires me because it’s constantly changing. There’s never two days in a row where you see the sky the exact same way it was the day before. The clouds are different shapes, the colors of the sky can range from just clear blue to beautiful sunsets with colors of purple, red, yellow, orange, or etc. My photo that I took was actually on my way to California State University Long Beach. It was when I was heading back to the dorms and I noticed how beautiful and peaceful the sky looked. I decided to snap a quick photo and I was amazed how nice it came out despite that I was in a moving vehicle. It showed a beautiful blue sky with clouds just here and there. Included in the photo were some palm trees that added just the perfect touch to the photo. The palm trees were in a slight silhouette due to the overcast sun. 

My second photo I used in the final photo was actually a really cool one that I did with my friends. We were hanging out at a dessert place and my friend showed us his new lens for his phone. He bought a macro, wide angle, and fish eye lens and we were all testing and trying it out. It was actually super cool to play with these effects that would alter the camera. We were messing around and taking photos of one another especially using the fish eye lens. That lens really distorts the image creating hilarious results. We then started using the macro lens and I suggested we try taking a macro shot of an eye. I always seen cool up close photographs of a beautifully colored eye. However, we were all Asian so we had to settle with just shooting our brown colored eyes. Most of my friends all had small eyes so they used my eyes for experiment since I actually have pretty big eyes for an Asian. Therefore, the photo of the eye is actually mine! It came out really cool and I automatically knew I wanted to use this photo for my activity. It showed every detail so clearly even down to my eyelashes.

Finally, that’s how my final outcome of the photo for this activity came to be. I thought it be really interesting to blend a scenery photo with an up close photo of an eye. The photo shows the beautiful sky blue with clouds within the eyeball which I thought was an awesome touch. To me, the photo looks very mysterious, creepy, but cool all at the same time. I really enjoyed creating this photo and doing this activity and I’m pretty proud of what I came up with in the final result. I hope this photo gives chills and goosebumps to viewers because I want people to feel something when seeing this photograph. I am pretty proud of my creation and definitely would try this type of activity again!


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