Wk 8: Artist Interview

For this weeks artist interview I got the privilege to interview Nolan Reiter.  I was really excited for his exhibit because the type of art work Nolan does is something I like.  Nolan said he was a 5th year here at California State University of Long Beach. It was very fortunate for me as last week after seeing the print making exhibit, I was very interested and wanted to know more about it. The exhibit was by Nolan Reiter and it was his showcase as a BFA Printmaking major. This is his fifth year in college and his exhibit showcases his experiences in how he views the world. Nolan prefers hand-crafted and process oriented which is why his BFA solo exhibit showcases silk screened art posters that are of his most recent explorations of the world around him as well as the communities he’s part of. He tells us that he gets his inspirations through his explorations of the world along with the lesser-known communities. With his artwork, he uses vibrant bold colors to portray these fully rich cultured communities and he plans to continue his journeys and explorations.

I was really drawn to the art piece Nolan made of the person whose head was in the shape of an “O”.  It was really cool and had like an urban like art style to it.  It kind of reminded me of the same art style that was used when we had to write our names in bubble letters.  I can totally see this painting being on the side of a building or a subway.  Another thing that stuck out to me was how the “O” kind of looked like the doughnut from the popular hip-hop artists Tyler the Creator.  The “O” from his painting was very similar to the way Tyler the creator does his “O” for Odd future.  I should of asked if he got inspiration from him, but I forgot.

I also like his art piece on money.  There was an art piece showing a man in a suit smiling.  Immediately I thought of CEO’s and bosses of big companies.  I think what the artist was trying to get at was how America is this capitalistic society and how in politics our government is greatly influenced by the big companies donating money to help politicians they want to run in office.  One thing I learned in Political Science was that until recently big companies were not able to donate as much money as they wanted to major businesses.  It was only until now that companies can donate as much as they want having a really big impact on the way our government is run.  I think this art piece is inspired by this as a reminder to show the corruption of big business in America which is why it shows a man in a suit smiling.  That is what I think the artist was going for, but I can be totally wrong.  I really appreciate the works that the artist made. I learned so much and I think its amazing that you’re able to get so much information from a painting.  Sometimes all it takes is an image to tell a story.  Its nice to stare at something in wonder and that’s what I found myself doing looking at a lot of Nolan’s artwork! #gatov-east


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