Wk 9: Artist Interview


For my artist interview for this week, I decided to switch things up and write about the exhibit that was held in the Dutzi Gallery! I realized I happened to usually choose the galleries of Gatov East and West. In the Dutzi Gallery this week, it contained figurative paintings from three different artists. Sadly however, I didn’t get to see them to talk to or interview them, but luckily their artwork was present. I was really blown away to see the art that they had created. Mainly because the work by each artist was so different but yet all equally captivating and beautiful. The two artists that I really enjoyed their pieces of work was by Lesley Nishigawara and Tiffany Le.

With Nishigawara’s work, I noticed the patterns within her artwork as her pieces are focused on how information is revealed through systems. She used “urban infrastructures” as inspirations for her artwork as they reveal patterns to her. She explains it as how they “shape pathways and daily lives while constructing a physical layer and network across the landscape of the city”. In a way, this meant to me as a benefit. These man-made structures not only change the lay-out of our city but also they provide a useful tool for us in our daily lives. Nishigawara creates and uses a set of self-defined systems and rules which then helps her to translate and change the images from the environment around her into a visual artistic interpretation. The images are from iteration such as “photography, photocopies, line drawing, sewing, taping, collaging, cutting, puncturing, and painting”. This is very true as when I looked at her artwork, they all had different mediums as each artwork was created in a different style. I liked this about her work as it gave it variety and showing that art can be created in so many different ways. Also, I like how her work is showcased by the inspiration all around her and how she’s able to visualize patterns in common every day structures all around.

Le’s artwork of the beautiful collaboration with the koi fishes and the beautiful colors was the first artwork I was attracted to when walking into the gallery. Le was inspired with her piece due to the fact that she grew up in a Confucian-influenced household. Her “visual vocabulary” was created with drawing animals and organic shapes to challenge the boundaries of the Confucian influence. She enjoys learning about and studying the opposing trials and difficulties within mythology, history, and folktales. These influences show in her artwork with her depiction in her animals and “curvilinear line work”. The artwork is drawn from her travels with her studying abroad trip to China when staring at the fish and the changes in the water and itself by their swimming patterns. Her project spoke clear to me as her intention is to showcase and dive deeper into the lack of harmony with social and cultural state. #dutzi-gallery


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