Wk 9: Student Interview


Hi WordPress! I have a new friend to introduce to you today. Her name is Michelle Howard. She is a freshman just like me and her major here at California State University of Long Beach is education! Immediately upon hearing that, I guessed that she wanted to teach as career. I was correct, mainly because those who choose to major in education usually go into the teaching field. However, what did surprise me was that she wanted to teach middle school kids. I thought she might have chosen little kids (elementary school) but she told me she wasn’t too good with little children. She originally wanted to teach high school but now switched to pursuing to teach middle school. When asked what subject she wants to teach, she told me health! She said they teach it in middle school now since they stopped providing health classes in high school. Michelle came to CSULB as undeclared but was leaning towards pharmacy however she decided it was too boring. She came to this conclusion mainly because she did a pharmacy internship the summer before college and with working those long hours, it was too much for her. Therefore, she decided to pursue teaching but still wanting to stay within something that’s health related, which is why she hopes to teach health class. Michelle also decided not to continue to pursue pharmacy because during her first semester, her chemistry class was super hard and difficult. Luckily since she made the switch, she has been loving and enjoying all her education classes that are tailored to her major.

Michelle lives in Cerritos therefore commuting to school everyday. However, her mom is the one that drives her to school though. Also her brother is currently a senior in high school so her mom would take them both to school. An interesting and cool fact I learned about Michelle was that she has a YouTube channel! She has a vlog (video blogging) channel and on her main channel, she likes to film makeup tutorials and such. If you want to go check out her videos, her channel is Beautybelle_412. She started this channel during summer before starting college. When I asked what made her decide to start a YouTube channel, she told me she “decided to do it just because”. She just received a really nice camera and she’s also been thinking about starting one for awhile.

Michelle transitioned into CSULB nicely as she has been able to make friends within her classes. She told me also how she used to play the clarinet in middle school but she stopped because it was boring and her teacher was mean. She plans to get her BA in education then hopefully find work. Then while working, she would probably go back to school and attend graduate school for her master’s. Finally, she tells me how CSULB was her first choice as she wanted to stay close to home! I was glad to have met Michelle and made a new friend. She was super friendly and easy to talk to.


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