Wk 13: Artist Interview



This week I visited the art galleries and I took an interest to Shihori Nakayama’s exhibit called Recapturing the Moment. The pieces were so beautiful and mesmerizing. I really liked all the details incorporated into the pieces. Each piece seemed like it had a lot of care and attention to detail. The exhibit was based on imagery focused on her personal life showcasing people and places that are special and important to her. These pieces are specific memories from her life. I thought it was cool how she took her real life memories to recreate something so beautiful and meaningful. Nakayama uses personal photographs for the “basis for imagery (she) creates from imagination”. The process of how these works came to life was Nakayama redrew from photographs and she reclaimed those important moments in her life and then therefore added and created a visual interpretation of how she feels toward those individuals. I could clearly interpret her emotions that were coming from the artworks. 

Nakayama used pen, ink drawings, and prints. I thought this must have been a hard medium to have to use to create her artworks. However, they were definitely worth the hard work especially since how nicely they all came out. I can’t even imagine how long each piece must have taken. Nakayama shares how she enjoys “creating line and mark through pen and ink, and (she) is interested in the unexpected results that are part of the printmaking process”. I guess this is true because sometimes artists can have this perfect image in their head but in the end, it comes out a bit differently than they imagined it to be. Therefore, they end up getting angry and frustrated with themselves despite the fact they still made such a great artwork in the end. Back to what Nakayama said, I think it’s a great attitude she has with her artwork. I’m glad to hear she likes to see the unexpected results that she’ll get with her work. She also likes the contrast between the line works from two different mediums. I think the variety works very well in all her pieces. From the pen and line work to her printmaking with the soft washed out colors.

She shares how each work is meant to be a personal visual journal as the prints and artwork are a memory of the “search-and-find” children’s books that she enjoyed reading when she was young. I liked Nakayama’s purpose of her exhibit in that her message was “to welcome the viewer into my world” and she wants to “try to create a world that engages viewers to look closely into all the details and be lost in the moment”. I liked how Nakayama told us how it all incorporates to the reason why she began drawing too which was to share her artwork with others. She always had a tendency to express herself through art rather than verbally. Her art pieces “acts as (her) voice” which she hopes to share to us viewers as she tells us her story. I think after going through her exhibit, I definitely got a feel for how Nakayama’s life was.  #dutzi-galley

Wk 13: Student Interview


Hi wordpress! Meet my friend of the week, Jacky Mares! She’s a junior here attending CSULB and she’s taking Art 110 for GE credit. She wanted an art class to mix into her health science major classes. Therefore meaning, Jacky is a health science major and she wants to do genetic counseling. I asked her what that was because I have never heard of it before. She told me that their main clients are people who want and or planning to have kids. They tell people the risks in having kids. These risks are usually based on genes, genetics, health, and health history. People who usually go to genetic counseling usually get referred by a doctor to attend a counseling session. 

Jacky switched majors during her junior year of first semester. She was a biology major at first but she didn’t know what to do with it. She liked biology in high school which is why she chose to major in it at first. However, none of the career choices in biology interested her. She didn’t want to go to medical school or become a scientist. Luckily for her, she found something that she enjoys and is inspired by. 

Currently, Jacky is hoping to get a job which is the tutoring job she applied for. The job is located in Dominguez Hills and her brother’s girlfriend told her about it. Jacky told me that this job would be perfect for her since she tutored freshmen when she was a senior in high school. She commutes to CSULB from Compton which is about 30 minutes away. Sometimes it can be longer with traffic however. She has an older brother who is about 3 1/2 years older and he attends college at Dominguez Hills. He did part time college at first which takes longer and he was working at the same time. His major is education and he hopes to get a job in teaching. Jacky shared a bit to me about her hobbies and passions. She told me she plans to join a Mexican folk dancing club here on campus. She has been dancing since she was 6 years old but stopped in junior year in high school. Her dance instructor’s father got sick so her instructor wanted to spend time and help her father. Jacky also played golf in high school during her junior and senior years. She wanted to play a sport but wasn’t very good at much, therefore she chose gold because she thought it was easiest. She shared with me it is pretty easy to play so therefore she stuck with it. Her little sister who is a freshman attends CSULA. Jacky’s first choice in college was UCI (just like myself) but after attending CSULB she really likes it and is glad of her decision on this school.

Wk 12: Artist Interview



The exhibit I chose for this week to discuss and touch upon was one of my favorites out of the whole semester. The artist’s name was Ashley Sharpe and the show was her solo BFA Printmaking show titled, Meow. First entering the room, I saw cats. Cats everywhere on every wall. I loved it. I am more of a dog person but I still love cats. Therefore, when coming across this exhibit that was dedicated solely to the feline, I was so excited. All the artworks were so creative and interesting. I had to take a picture of every single one of them!

Ashley Sharpe’s purpose of the show is to show her appreciation for cats! It was also a way to show off her playful personality shine through and I agree that I clearly was able to see her humorous funny side shine through her awesome work. She shared a little bit more about herself how she’s lived in the Orange County and Los Angeles area over the past eight years, and she has lived with multiple cat owners as roommates. However, Sharpe herself has never owned a cat herself. The cats that she lived with “brought a sense of peace and euphoria to (her) life in times of stress and anxiety”. This makes sense as I have heard animals are a great stress reliever. Dogs and cats both help one calm down and relax as well as helping one to smile. Furthermore, the exhibit was a tribute to those cats as well as all other cats she may have seen or those famous ones online. 

Sharpe’s show was her BFA in Printmaking so she continues to share a little more about the process in that. She likes too use bright bold colors that contrast against different textural backgrounds. The prints she produced showed and depicted cats in “a fantastical setting where each cat has its own unique story to tell”. Along with the variety of cat prints, she also made molds of cat food cans. I really liked the creativeness of her entire exhibit. I saw besides the food can, she also had a big ball of yarn along with a tiny little mouse next to it too. Everything tied into together and it all worked. The exhibit really made me laugh and smile and I really enjoyed spending my time looking through her works. I even liked how she displayed the exhibit name. There was a pink box with shiny sand inside supposed to represent cat litter, and it had 4 black letters (possibly representing poop) that spelled out Meow, the name of her show. Sharpe shares how the cans are presented on an alter because it is to pay respect to the cats that are living or now in the spiritual world. The glitter that I mentioned from the litter is a representation of herself and to add a touch of light-heartedness into her work. This was a great show and I truly enjoyed the artwork and I appreciate the hardwork Sharpe put into her show. #merlino-gallery

Wk 12: Student Interview


My friend for this week is Magdalena Acevedo! I was just sitting around and she came up to me and we struck up a conversation. She was really kind and sweet but also definitely has a relaxed tone and side to her. She’s a freshman just like me, and she is currently undeclared. However she has an interest and is thinking about pursuing civil engineering. I asked her what made her have interest in engineering especially since it’s such a difficult field. She told me that she was inspired by her uncle since he’s an engineer. It was such a sweet story she told me in that, her uncle sees her like his first kid so he helps her in college and with all her classes. Also, it’s a benefit that Magdalena is great at math. Out of all the types of engineering, she chose civil because she likes the classes for it the most.

Magdalena enjoys playing sports. She has participated and played in quite a few such as swim, tennis, water polo. She also plays club water polo here at CSULB. Freshman year in high school she took art class which she really enjoyed therefore she enjoys drawing in her spare time. In high school, she played tennis for two years, water polo for two years, and swim for three years. 

I asked Magdalena to share a little more about herself. She lives in Riverside which is about an hour away. That’s actually really far which is why she dorms at Beachside. She doesn’t have a license like me! It was pretty funny that she was similar to me in this way since a lot of people at our age already have their licenses. She told me most likely she will dorm again next year since she lives so far. Magdalena shared with me that she gets financial aide from FAFSA and took out loans. 

She’s the oldest out of FIVE siblings which is pretty awesome yet kind of hard. She likes being the first one to go to college as she gets the experience to hand down to her other siblings. She shared more in depth about it in that if she makes mistakes, she then has the knowledge and experience to tell her sister about it. Therefore, hoping her sister won’t make the same mistakes she did. I thought this was so sweet and loving of her and made me think of her as such a great big sister. Finally, Magdalena told me the CSULB wasn’t her first choice for school. However after coming here, she, similar to me, really likes it now. 

Wk 11: Activity


For the activity this week, I got to go to the beach! That was pretty cool considering the temperature over the weekend was perfect beach weather. My friend came along as I needed help with the project. We had to do plaster sculptures of either our hand or foot. I thought the idea was pretty cool and thought it’d be pretty easy.

The first time trying it out, I had my hole ready with my hand mold ready to be filled with plaster. My friend and I were trying to get the plaster ready when the tide came in and ruined my mold. I remembered Glenn’s warning of being too close to the waves, however, I didn’t realize how high the tides were that day. Therefore, I tried again a little higher up the beach and it all went well the second time. However when forming the mold I wasn’t too sure how to place my hand or if I was doing it correctly. I tried my best to spread my fingers out and make each one distinct, and after my friend helped pack my hand around with wet sand to form the mold. 

When creating the plaster, my friend and I weren’t too sure if we were doing it correctly for the consistency seemed milky. However, when reading the box of the plaster, it did say “stir until smooth”. After that,  we poured the plaster into the mold and while doing so, a lot of the plaster kind of spilled everywhere but it’s all good. As we sat and waited, we realized the plaster in the mold continuing kept getting lower so we kept pouring more plaster in. I think the reason being was that when I took my hand out of the mold, some parts might have created cracks. Therefore, it caused the plaster to be leaking through into the sand which is why the plaster of the mold kept getting lower. Eventually we decided to stop because we knew if we kept pouring, the mold would take forever to dry. We had quite some plaster left so while we waited, we made other molds to use up the plaster. We made different shape molds in the sand, such as, I created a heart. My friend and I also made our initials as well. 

Finally, when pulling out the mold, it was rather difficult at first because we weren’t exactly sure of how to do it especially also since we didn’t want to damage the sculpture. My friend helped me pull it out and immediately once he took it out, we both couldn’t stop laughing. It literally looked like a huge heavy sculpture of something bulky. It didn’t even look like my hand but instead more like a deranged foot. We were laughing so hard for it was so much fun. My friend helped brush away the sand and slowly it began to form to look like a hand. However it still looks rather deranged and weird but hey, I’m still pretty proud of my first time trying! 

All in all, it was a really great experience and I had so much fun doing it. I have to admit, I thought it would be easy but this project was a bit harder than I thought it to be. Nonetheless, the results were hilarious and I’m definitely proud of my sculpture though! I had such a great time and people on the beach were also interested in what we were doing too. We got a lot of curious people with questions and interest in our work! It was great telling them about what the project was and how it was done.

Wk 11: Artist Interview



The exhibit I focused on this week was called Rebuilding by Patricia E. Rangel. She is majoring in the Fine Arts in the metals department which explained her showcase. Upon stepping into the room, it caught my attention even from outside. At first to me, it all seemed like different varieties of blocks of wood. However looking more closely at the artwork along with Rangel’s artist statement, it was clear to me the purpose she seemed to be conveying. She was displaying different types of agricultural practices. It showed different tools and ways in how crops were planted, watered, replanted, picked, and burned. I found this rather interesting because her exhibit to me, felt as if it was structured art. It was art in the most different way I have ever imagined. It was amazing how Rangel portrayed art through the structure and practice of the cycle of planting. Rangel always loved the outdoors as a child therefore sparking her interest as she worked with the materials of metal, wood, dirt, and water in this exhibit.

Rangel goes on to share different examples of processes such like “trellises are used for grape vines” to help support them for growth. “Insulated fabric covers orange trees int he winter to prevent freezing. Mesh is draped over crops to impede cross-pollination.” All these processes and tips for planting I never knew existed. It really opened up my eyes to learn more. All these processes somehow end up to relating to growth through the use of labor, loss, and land use which is rather fascinating and curious to me.

Rangel uses metal and dirt which she shares “are resistant materials, both are forgiving to work with”. She extracts, fabricates, builds, compacts, and repeats it all again. She describes how dirt has the ability “to present vulnerability, failure, strength, potential- promote growth and change”. It’s so awesome to see how inspired Rangel is by the materials she uses and nonetheless that this material is straight from Earth and mother nature. She also shares and explains how she gathers the rest of her materials for artwork from places that have personal meaning such as orchards, roadsides, her grandfather’s ranch, her parents’ backyard, and Smith Mountain Cemetery int he San Joaquin Valley. The aesthetics of the materials and the creation mixed with the purpose that it creates astounds me. This exhibit opened my eyes to the meaning of art in that there’s other types of artwork out there besides the usual of painting and pencil. The simplicity with the creations Rangel created were very creative and interesting to look at it. I had a great time looking through her exhibit admiring her hard work and inspiration. #dutzi-gallery

Wk 11: Student Interview

My new friend for this week is Anissa Torres. I really like her first name first of all. She’s a freshman and she’s currently undeclared as a major. However, she is thinking about majoring in kinesiology for sports therapy. She loves to play soccer as she has played soccer since she was 5 years old. She would go to the high school often to practice and play especially because it was so close to her house. When she graduate high school, she stopped playing however. She stopped due to the fact that college and work kept her super busy therefore she didn’t have much time. Anissa was part of club soccer and also was on the soccer team.

She lives in Long Beach which is why she commutes and it only takes her about 15 minutes to get to school. CSULB was her first choice for a college because it’s close to home and it’s convenient. Anissa also told me how she has a twin sister! I thought that was pretty cool since twins are really interesting and special, especially with their special bond and all. Her sister comes to CSULB as well and plays soccer just like Anissa. They are fraternal sisters but they look identical. Anissa is younger than her sister by 5 minutes. 

Anissa told me she has an interest in kinesiology and sports therapy because she remembers a memory when her sister hurt her knee after a soccer game, and she had to go to sports therapy. Anissa would tag along and she saw it to be really interesting therefore sparking an interest in her now to pursue it for a major. Anissa told me a bit more about herself in that she works at Baskin Robbins which is one 3-5 minutes away from her house. She started at the end of senior year and is still currently working right now. Her sister works with her as well however college did separate them a bit. Anissa spends more time with her boyfriend with her sister spends more time with the group of friends that they share. Finally, since I noticed Anissa talks a lot of soccer, I asked her what made her start playing in the first place. She shared how her dad shares the love for the sport as well and just decided to put her in. To this day since she doesn’t play anymore, she really misses it a lot.