Wk 10: Student Interview


Hello world! I would like you to meet my new friend of the week. He’s super tall and very friendly and easy to talk to. His name is Keyshon Taylor! He is a freshman here at CSULB just like me. We began talking about Art 110 and he told me he chose this class mainly for GE credit. He’s currently a business major here at CSULB. However, he is thinking about switching majors and going into communications or sociology. I asked what made him decide on those majors, and he told me for communications, he basically just enjoys talking to people. Keyshon says he’s good at conversing with people and strangers and doesn’t usually get shy. When he told me this, I was definitely one to agree. He was easy and friendly to talk to and there was never an awkward moment in the entire conversation I had with him. Sociology is another major he’s interested in because he likes to and wants to help people. Nonetheless though, he did decide on to being a business major at first because there’s a lot of variety with this major. There’s tons of jobs he can go into being a business major as well as he would be able to work for any company.

The reason why he’s thinking about changing majors is mainly due to the fact that he took one business class during the semester and he didn’t really seem to like it or wasn’t very interested either

Keyshon told me a little bit more about himself after that. He’s from the LA area, south central LA to be exact. When I asked if CSULB was his first pick, he told me honestly that he didn’t know about this school at all actually. His high school counselor, who went to CSULB, was the one who actually told him about CSULB and recommended him to apply. SDSU was his first choice for college and CSULB was his second choice. He really liked it a lot after learning more about it. Keyshon likes to play basketball and he is currently on an intermural team here at CSULB. I wasn’t too sure what an intermural team was so Keyshon informed me that it’s basically a league within the school. He’s been playing basketball since the 9th grade. He’s currently not in any clubs on campus but he is rushing for a fraternity called Pi Kappa Phi. He’s pledging because he hopes to meet new people and make new friends. He dorms at Beachside and says it’s rather boring and doesn’t like to just stay in his room therefore, another reason why he chose to pledge.

Keyshon also plays the trumpet (because he was in a jazz class) and electric guitar (since he played a lot of Guitar Hero) in high school but he was never part of the band. The reason being was that since every time the band performed, Keyshon would be having practice or a game for the sports that he was part of. He played basketball, football, tennis, and volleyball. He also tried out for track but was too lazy and didn’t really like it. Finally I asked him about his height because he literally towers over me. Keyshon is 6’1 while I am only 5’1 so that was pretty cool but also kind of difficult when taking our photo together. It was great meeting him and making friends with him and I can’t wait to see him around more often.


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