Wk 10: Artist Interview



For my art exhibit of this week, I thought this exhibit was super cool and rather interesting with its design and creativity. The entire exhibit was hosted by the Sculpture Program featuring students from both the BFA and graduate program! This exhibit took up both the Dutzi and Werby Gallery! I looked into the Dutzi Gallery first and first thing that captured my attention, were the pieces that moved or had sound to it. It was a sculpture of a pair of breasts with door stops attached to the middle of each breast. Ever so often, they would wiggle to create motion to this sculpture. Also there were small hands attached to popsicle sticks that moved in a semi-circular movement, both going outwards then inwards. This sculpture really caught my attention for not only was it beautifully crafted but I liked how this one had movement along with the sculpture as well. This showcase had a lot of work combined and a lot of effort put into it. I like how the plan of this exhibition was that the students decided that each one of them would produce a work focused on one material. I thought that was a really great idea because it would showcase such a variety among the entire exhibit while also allowing them to show off their ideas and creativity. They focused on plaster as it is a material that’s been used for many centuries. The purpose of this exhibition is that its “an experiment in many ways, plaster can just be one material among many, it can be a material that has strong historical associations to sculpture”. 

The plaster sculptures of the shoes was another piece that interested me. Upon entering the room, it caught my attention and I actually thought these shoes were real from afar. When I got up close, I saw how much detail and likeness it resembled actual pairs of shoes! It was super creative and really interesting to look at and notice the work that went into this piece.

Probably my last piece that really caught my attention would’ve been the piece with the two hands on it. It was a long black rectangular box lying on the floor. One plaster white hand was attached to the side edge while the other hand laid on the top of the box. There was white thin strokes painted downside the top of the box as well. I felt like this piece was so strong and symbolic even in it’s simplicity. I like how the colors of white and black really stood out to me and the scary likeness of the hands as well. They too were very realistic looking that it gave me chills when admiring this work. 

The exhibition was amazing and I’m glad all BFA major students got to showcase their hard work of their creations. I always loved looking at sculptures and admiring its detailing and creativity of the piece. #dutzi-gallery #werby-gallery


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