Wk 10: Activity

I thought for awhile what I should do this week for the activity. I’m not very good with drawing or painting which were the first obvious art options that popped into my mind at first. I like taking pictures with my phone but I don’t have a fancy camera nor do I use editing programs. Therefore, I had to think for awhile what it is that I wanted to showcase and share how to do it as well. Then, it dawned on me! My choice for the activity this week is Crayon Melting! Sounds kind of simple huh? It actually is but at the same time, there’s some certain things to know first before just jumping into it. 



The things needed for this activity are: a blank white canvas, crayons of your choice, glue gun, and a lighter. First things first, it’s best to do this project on a canvas. A piece of paper is too thin while a piece of cardboard just doesn’t look as nice, however it would be the best alternative if you can’t find a canvas. I bought my canvas at the CSULB’s campus art store! It was only about a dollar something so it was really worth it. I wanted my design to be a rainbow design so I found the colors that would give me that effect. My colors range from light to dark then slightly back to light. 

After picking your color combo, get your glue gun ready! You can either line the crayons along the horizontal (longer) side, or on the vertical side. 


I chose the vertical way because I wanted more empty canvas for the colors to drip down. You can peel the wrapping off the crayons however it’s not necessary. I liked the look of the crayon logo therefore I saved the hassle and just kept it on. A tip I have though would be, it’s best to keep the tip (point) of the crayon because the shape of the tip helps guide the color straight down when you melt it later on.

After using your glue gun to glue the crayons down to the canvas, I took my canvas to the garage to begin the melting process. I advise not to do it outside mainly because the wind or breeze will affect with the lighter and its flame. I also laid out an old cardboard in case of any crayon dripping so therefore it wouldn’t get the garage’s floor dirty. 


All you have to do, it use the lighter’s flame under the crayon’s tip until it begins to melt and slowly drips down. Hold the lighter under the crayon until the color drips to your desired length. Keep going down the entire row. It’s completely normal if colors start to mix and in my opinion, it looks even better that way!  


That’s really all there is to it and I loved how mine turned out. These are great for gifts to friends or as decorations in your house or rooms. It’s easy to make and the supplies are cheap! It’s a great Do-It-Yourself project and I recommend everyone to try! I had so much fun doing this and I most likely will do more in the future after all the compliments I got on mine. Last tips would be, if you don’t want to use a lighter, you can also use a blow dryer. However, make sure to have a diffuser on it otherwise a normal blowdryer will just blow the colors around everywhere instead of guiding it down a straight path. Also use a long lighter like I did because it’s safer obviously as your fingers aren’t close to the flame! Finally, when lighting your crayons, you can either lean the board against a wall, or have a friend hold it up for you at a slight angle.
It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again.


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