Wk 11: Activity


For the activity this week, I got to go to the beach! That was pretty cool considering the temperature over the weekend was perfect beach weather. My friend came along as I needed help with the project. We had to do plaster sculptures of either our hand or foot. I thought the idea was pretty cool and thought it’d be pretty easy.

The first time trying it out, I had my hole ready with my hand mold ready to be filled with plaster. My friend and I were trying to get the plaster ready when the tide came in and ruined my mold. I remembered Glenn’s warning of being too close to the waves, however, I didn’t realize how high the tides were that day. Therefore, I tried again a little higher up the beach and it all went well the second time. However when forming the mold I wasn’t too sure how to place my hand or if I was doing it correctly. I tried my best to spread my fingers out and make each one distinct, and after my friend helped pack my hand around with wet sand to form the mold. 

When creating the plaster, my friend and I weren’t too sure if we were doing it correctly for the consistency seemed milky. However, when reading the box of the plaster, it did say “stir until smooth”. After that,  we poured the plaster into the mold and while doing so, a lot of the plaster kind of spilled everywhere but it’s all good. As we sat and waited, we realized the plaster in the mold continuing kept getting lower so we kept pouring more plaster in. I think the reason being was that when I took my hand out of the mold, some parts might have created cracks. Therefore, it caused the plaster to be leaking through into the sand which is why the plaster of the mold kept getting lower. Eventually we decided to stop because we knew if we kept pouring, the mold would take forever to dry. We had quite some plaster left so while we waited, we made other molds to use up the plaster. We made different shape molds in the sand, such as, I created a heart. My friend and I also made our initials as well. 

Finally, when pulling out the mold, it was rather difficult at first because we weren’t exactly sure of how to do it especially also since we didn’t want to damage the sculpture. My friend helped me pull it out and immediately once he took it out, we both couldn’t stop laughing. It literally looked like a huge heavy sculpture of something bulky. It didn’t even look like my hand but instead more like a deranged foot. We were laughing so hard for it was so much fun. My friend helped brush away the sand and slowly it began to form to look like a hand. However it still looks rather deranged and weird but hey, I’m still pretty proud of my first time trying! 

All in all, it was a really great experience and I had so much fun doing it. I have to admit, I thought it would be easy but this project was a bit harder than I thought it to be. Nonetheless, the results were hilarious and I’m definitely proud of my sculpture though! I had such a great time and people on the beach were also interested in what we were doing too. We got a lot of curious people with questions and interest in our work! It was great telling them about what the project was and how it was done.


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