Wk 11: Student Interview

My new friend for this week is Anissa Torres. I really like her first name first of all. She’s a freshman and she’s currently undeclared as a major. However, she is thinking about majoring in kinesiology for sports therapy. She loves to play soccer as she has played soccer since she was 5 years old. She would go to the high school often to practice and play especially because it was so close to her house. When she graduate high school, she stopped playing however. She stopped due to the fact that college and work kept her super busy therefore she didn’t have much time. Anissa was part of club soccer and also was on the soccer team.

She lives in Long Beach which is why she commutes and it only takes her about 15 minutes to get to school. CSULB was her first choice for a college because it’s close to home and it’s convenient. Anissa also told me how she has a twin sister! I thought that was pretty cool since twins are really interesting and special, especially with their special bond and all. Her sister comes to CSULB as well and plays soccer just like Anissa. They are fraternal sisters but they look identical. Anissa is younger than her sister by 5 minutes. 

Anissa told me she has an interest in kinesiology and sports therapy because she remembers a memory when her sister hurt her knee after a soccer game, and she had to go to sports therapy. Anissa would tag along and she saw it to be really interesting therefore sparking an interest in her now to pursue it for a major. Anissa told me a bit more about herself in that she works at Baskin Robbins which is one 3-5 minutes away from her house. She started at the end of senior year and is still currently working right now. Her sister works with her as well however college did separate them a bit. Anissa spends more time with her boyfriend with her sister spends more time with the group of friends that they share. Finally, since I noticed Anissa talks a lot of soccer, I asked her what made her start playing in the first place. She shared how her dad shares the love for the sport as well and just decided to put her in. To this day since she doesn’t play anymore, she really misses it a lot.


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