Wk 12: Artist Interview



The exhibit I chose for this week to discuss and touch upon was one of my favorites out of the whole semester. The artist’s name was Ashley Sharpe and the show was her solo BFA Printmaking show titled, Meow. First entering the room, I saw cats. Cats everywhere on every wall. I loved it. I am more of a dog person but I still love cats. Therefore, when coming across this exhibit that was dedicated solely to the feline, I was so excited. All the artworks were so creative and interesting. I had to take a picture of every single one of them!

Ashley Sharpe’s purpose of the show is to show her appreciation for cats! It was also a way to show off her playful personality shine through and I agree that I clearly was able to see her humorous funny side shine through her awesome work. She shared a little bit more about herself how she’s lived in the Orange County and Los Angeles area over the past eight years, and she has lived with multiple cat owners as roommates. However, Sharpe herself has never owned a cat herself. The cats that she lived with “brought a sense of peace and euphoria to (her) life in times of stress and anxiety”. This makes sense as I have heard animals are a great stress reliever. Dogs and cats both help one calm down and relax as well as helping one to smile. Furthermore, the exhibit was a tribute to those cats as well as all other cats she may have seen or those famous ones online. 

Sharpe’s show was her BFA in Printmaking so she continues to share a little more about the process in that. She likes too use bright bold colors that contrast against different textural backgrounds. The prints she produced showed and depicted cats in “a fantastical setting where each cat has its own unique story to tell”. Along with the variety of cat prints, she also made molds of cat food cans. I really liked the creativeness of her entire exhibit. I saw besides the food can, she also had a big ball of yarn along with a tiny little mouse next to it too. Everything tied into together and it all worked. The exhibit really made me laugh and smile and I really enjoyed spending my time looking through her works. I even liked how she displayed the exhibit name. There was a pink box with shiny sand inside supposed to represent cat litter, and it had 4 black letters (possibly representing poop) that spelled out Meow, the name of her show. Sharpe shares how the cans are presented on an alter because it is to pay respect to the cats that are living or now in the spiritual world. The glitter that I mentioned from the litter is a representation of herself and to add a touch of light-heartedness into her work. This was a great show and I truly enjoyed the artwork and I appreciate the hardwork Sharpe put into her show. #merlino-gallery


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