Wk 12: Student Interview


My friend for this week is Magdalena Acevedo! I was just sitting around and she came up to me and we struck up a conversation. She was really kind and sweet but also definitely has a relaxed tone and side to her. She’s a freshman just like me, and she is currently undeclared. However she has an interest and is thinking about pursuing civil engineering. I asked her what made her have interest in engineering especially since it’s such a difficult field. She told me that she was inspired by her uncle since he’s an engineer. It was such a sweet story she told me in that, her uncle sees her like his first kid so he helps her in college and with all her classes. Also, it’s a benefit that Magdalena is great at math. Out of all the types of engineering, she chose civil because she likes the classes for it the most.

Magdalena enjoys playing sports. She has participated and played in quite a few such as swim, tennis, water polo. She also plays club water polo here at CSULB. Freshman year in high school she took art class which she really enjoyed therefore she enjoys drawing in her spare time. In high school, she played tennis for two years, water polo for two years, and swim for three years. 

I asked Magdalena to share a little more about herself. She lives in Riverside which is about an hour away. That’s actually really far which is why she dorms at Beachside. She doesn’t have a license like me! It was pretty funny that she was similar to me in this way since a lot of people at our age already have their licenses. She told me most likely she will dorm again next year since she lives so far. Magdalena shared with me that she gets financial aide from FAFSA and took out loans. 

She’s the oldest out of FIVE siblings which is pretty awesome yet kind of hard. She likes being the first one to go to college as she gets the experience to hand down to her other siblings. She shared more in depth about it in that if she makes mistakes, she then has the knowledge and experience to tell her sister about it. Therefore, hoping her sister won’t make the same mistakes she did. I thought this was so sweet and loving of her and made me think of her as such a great big sister. Finally, Magdalena told me the CSULB wasn’t her first choice for school. However after coming here, she, similar to me, really likes it now. 


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