Wk 13: Student Interview


Hi wordpress! Meet my friend of the week, Jacky Mares! She’s a junior here attending CSULB and she’s taking Art 110 for GE credit. She wanted an art class to mix into her health science major classes. Therefore meaning, Jacky is a health science major and she wants to do genetic counseling. I asked her what that was because I have never heard of it before. She told me that their main clients are people who want and or planning to have kids. They tell people the risks in having kids. These risks are usually based on genes, genetics, health, and health history. People who usually go to genetic counseling usually get referred by a doctor to attend a counseling session. 

Jacky switched majors during her junior year of first semester. She was a biology major at first but she didn’t know what to do with it. She liked biology in high school which is why she chose to major in it at first. However, none of the career choices in biology interested her. She didn’t want to go to medical school or become a scientist. Luckily for her, she found something that she enjoys and is inspired by. 

Currently, Jacky is hoping to get a job which is the tutoring job she applied for. The job is located in Dominguez Hills and her brother’s girlfriend told her about it. Jacky told me that this job would be perfect for her since she tutored freshmen when she was a senior in high school. She commutes to CSULB from Compton which is about 30 minutes away. Sometimes it can be longer with traffic however. She has an older brother who is about 3 1/2 years older and he attends college at Dominguez Hills. He did part time college at first which takes longer and he was working at the same time. His major is education and he hopes to get a job in teaching. Jacky shared a bit to me about her hobbies and passions. She told me she plans to join a Mexican folk dancing club here on campus. She has been dancing since she was 6 years old but stopped in junior year in high school. Her dance instructor’s father got sick so her instructor wanted to spend time and help her father. Jacky also played golf in high school during her junior and senior years. She wanted to play a sport but wasn’t very good at much, therefore she chose gold because she thought it was easiest. She shared with me it is pretty easy to play so therefore she stuck with it. Her little sister who is a freshman attends CSULA. Jacky’s first choice in college was UCI (just like myself) but after attending CSULB she really likes it and is glad of her decision on this school.


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