Wk 13: Artist Interview



This week I visited the art galleries and I took an interest to Shihori Nakayama’s exhibit called Recapturing the Moment. The pieces were so beautiful and mesmerizing. I really liked all the details incorporated into the pieces. Each piece seemed like it had a lot of care and attention to detail. The exhibit was based on imagery focused on her personal life showcasing people and places that are special and important to her. These pieces are specific memories from her life. I thought it was cool how she took her real life memories to recreate something so beautiful and meaningful. Nakayama uses personal photographs for the “basis for imagery (she) creates from imagination”. The process of how these works came to life was Nakayama redrew from photographs and she reclaimed those important moments in her life and then therefore added and created a visual interpretation of how she feels toward those individuals. I could clearly interpret her emotions that were coming from the artworks. 

Nakayama used pen, ink drawings, and prints. I thought this must have been a hard medium to have to use to create her artworks. However, they were definitely worth the hard work especially since how nicely they all came out. I can’t even imagine how long each piece must have taken. Nakayama shares how she enjoys “creating line and mark through pen and ink, and (she) is interested in the unexpected results that are part of the printmaking process”. I guess this is true because sometimes artists can have this perfect image in their head but in the end, it comes out a bit differently than they imagined it to be. Therefore, they end up getting angry and frustrated with themselves despite the fact they still made such a great artwork in the end. Back to what Nakayama said, I think it’s a great attitude she has with her artwork. I’m glad to hear she likes to see the unexpected results that she’ll get with her work. She also likes the contrast between the line works from two different mediums. I think the variety works very well in all her pieces. From the pen and line work to her printmaking with the soft washed out colors.

She shares how each work is meant to be a personal visual journal as the prints and artwork are a memory of the “search-and-find” children’s books that she enjoyed reading when she was young. I liked Nakayama’s purpose of her exhibit in that her message was “to welcome the viewer into my world” and she wants to “try to create a world that engages viewers to look closely into all the details and be lost in the moment”. I liked how Nakayama told us how it all incorporates to the reason why she began drawing too which was to share her artwork with others. She always had a tendency to express herself through art rather than verbally. Her art pieces “acts as (her) voice” which she hopes to share to us viewers as she tells us her story. I think after going through her exhibit, I definitely got a feel for how Nakayama’s life was.  #dutzi-galley


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