Wk 14: Student Interview


My new friend I’ve made in Art 110 is named Uijin Song! She’s a freshman just as I am and she’s currently majoring in social work. I was actually interested in this field as well since my mom told me it’s a good major and profession. However it wasn’t the exact career path for me but I was still very interested to hear about her opinions on it. She told me it’s super hard to get in to the major for it’s very impacted like kinesiology and nursing. She chose it because she wants to help people. Similar to me in why I want to pursue occupational therapy, she wants to be a social worker to help people. However our professions are differen types of help but either way it was still interesting to hear. She applied to Csulb specifically for social work. She heard the program here was excellent so it was the main school she wanted.

Uijin lives in La Palma (which is close to Cypress). Despite Uijin approaching me, I could tell she’s rather shy. When asking about her hobbies, what she told me confirmed that she’s a bit of an introvert. She shared how she likes staying home and doesn’t really like going out. Nonetheless thought she does like college and Csulb specifically for the freedom. It’s a bit ironic but I can see where she’s coming from. Although she’s a bit difficult to talk to, she later opened up more to me sharing how she volunteer every Saturday with people with disabilities. I thought this was really cool and interesting mainly because I want to help and work with children with disabilities mainly. Uijin told me she’s been volunteering for 4 years! She now helps out as a teacher. I asked her how she got into this volunteer work and she told me her mom forced her to join the camp where they needed volunteers. Despite her mom’s push, she really does like it though and decided to stay.
Uijin has one younger brother (who is five years apart) and one younger sister (who is three years apart).
However, she doesn’t like being the first child but instead wanted an older sister or an older brother.
Uijin told me she knew about social work from the television and felt called that that’s what she wants to do.
Finally Uijin told me why she doesn’t like to talk much when doing interviews. She says there’s nothing much to say about herself. Despite her thoughts, I still was able to learn a lot about her and was really interested in what she had to say.

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