Wk 15: Artist Interview



This last week of artist interviews was honestly my favorite. I really enjoyed all the exhibits the galleries had to offer because they were so diverse as well as with tons of varieties in each exhibit. There was so much artwork displayed as a lot of them were collaborations. I have decided to focus on the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show called Drawn Out. Wow, these students truly have talent. I honestly enjoyed all the artwork they had showcased for their senior show. A lot of them looked so professional. The artworks were so cute and adorable as they were animation style. But also, the creativity was spot on. I decided to highlight a few of the students’ work in my blog for week 15.

The first student’s name was Kelly Yoo. When reading her description, it was very personal and relatable. She is an animator/illustrated and she’s from Southern California. Her interests are reading, films, fishing, swimming, and hugging her dog Yuri. Yuri loves to draw and always knew she wanted to be an artist who drew cartoons. Her parents were skeptical however they did support her on her wish. Her parents’ motivation and supportiveness inspire her to continue on pursing art. I was able to relate to her in this way because I love to dance and my parents weren’t too happy that I spent so much of my time with it. However, they still supported me and came to all my shows as well as paying for my classes so I definitely understand where Kelly is coming from.

The next artist I want to showcase is Alyssa Iwasaki. Her work to me is still cute and animated however it has a little bit of a dark side and an edge. She shares how drawing is her escape in allowing her to express herself while making her and others happy. Ever since she was little, she always enjoyed reading and looking through comics. She said the cartoons helped her smile even through the hardest times in her life. They were her inspiration almost, the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Alyssa shares something personal in that, sometimes it’s hard to draw or have the motivation for it since she feels she’s not good enough. Once she starts drawing however, time passes by quickly and she just gets lost in her work. It is her reminder in how much she loves drawing and creating. She says she has a long way to go as well as room to continue for improvement. Alyssa states” I want to continue to work on my art in hopes that one day, my own characters and creations will bring smiles to people all around. With graduating from the illustration program, I feel like I’ve come one step closer to realizing that dream”. I think her words were really powerful and motivating. The fact that her dream is to share her art for others to see and create a smile on people’s faces is just amazing. 

All in all, I was pretty inspired by all the students’ work. They definitely put a lot of time and effort along with creativity into their final artwork show. They should be so proud of themselves and I was glad to have seen their exhibit. I congratulate all the students who worked so hard and finished the program. Good luck on taking the next step in life toward your dreams, future, and career! #werby-gallery


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