Peggy Li Creations.


I had the honor of collaborating with Peggy Li, a jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She is thee definition of  a #bosslady with owning and running her own small business. Her creations are so simple, elegant, and stylish. I personally love dainty pieces, especially since I’m on the smaller side. Heavier, bold, chunky jewelry pieces just don’t flatter me too well. When I saw her creations, I fell in love. Each piece is unique and special in its own way. Her creations are made with quality material, with the choices of gold or sterling silver. Her collections include earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and bangles, as well as accessories.

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Kiddos Creamery.


Anyone out there also love ice cream? I am such an ice cream-a-holic which is why I love trying new ice cream shops, and finding new flavors. Therefore, I’m here to share with you guys about a new shop I visited called Kiddos Creamery! Shout-out to Kiddos Creamery for letting me stop by and sample my heart out with all their delicious flavors.

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The Happiest Place on Earth.


I bet already from my title you know exactly which location I’m blogging about. Thanks to the amazing branding and word of mouth, Disneyland and California Adventure are thee best tourist attractions when coming to California. I’m sure there’s so many blog posts out there regarding these two locations, but here’s MY take on the parks!

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About Me.



Hi all! First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Candice Cheung and I am twenty-two years old, living in the Los Angeles Area. My aspiration in life is to become a licensed occupational therapist, specifically in the field of pediatrics. My hobbies and interests include: travel, fashion, food, as well as corgis. I want to emphasize about my blog page that I simply love sharing my thoughts, tips, and life lessons learned while “adulting”.

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